Who is Brit Prawat: Crime Junkie Podcast Host – Early Life, Education, Career

By | June 3, 2024

Brit Prawat is recognized as the co-host of the Crime Junkie podcast. She is also a social media personality, online content creator, and Instagram star.

Brit Prawat is a renowned podcast host

Brit Prawat is a renowned podcast host

Early Life

Brit Prawat was born on December 19, 1989. As of June 2024, she is 34 years old. While Brit Prawat was adopted, something she has always embraced and cherished, she had a lively childhood experience surrounded by people who loved and supported her journey and life decisions.

The experience she gained as an adopted child made Brit Prawat adopt and give birth to her kids as she built a lovable family. She takes moments to advise and encourage those who want to go through the adoption process, emphasizing how fulfilling it is. She shares valuable information and insights on the processes of child adoption.

Prawat grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana, in the United States of America.


Brit's parents had tried to get a child for 11 years with no fruits. That is when they initiated the adoption process and adopted Brit Prawat.

However, when Brit was barely a year old, her parents got pregnant and gave birth to Brit's sister. After about a year and a half, they got pregnant again and gave birth to a son.

Together, they lived a happy life, cherishing and embracing one another like a fulfilling and lovable family.


Brit worked as a private investigator, a field she had been obsessed with since childhood. The insights and skills she gained spearheaded her journey of becoming a medial personality, online content creator, and an Instagram star with a massive following.

Brit Prawat (left) with co-host Ashley Flowers

Brit Prawat (left) with co-host Ashley Flowers

Today, many know Brit Prawat through the Crime Junkie podcast, a show she co-hosts with Ashley Flowers. The show has millions of followers and downloads.


Brit Prawat married Justin Daniel Prawat, her high school sweetheart, on July 25, 2009. The couple have always embraced one another and live happily ever after, celebrating anniversary after anniversary.

Brit Prawat with family

Brit Prawat with family

Tracing her childhood memories of being adopted, Brit Prawat always wanted to have kids of her own, adopt other children, and offer foster care to other kids— a dream she fulfilled with her partner, Justin.

The couple have two kids: an adopted son and a biological daughter. A complete family, they have dedicated their emotions and resources, ensuring they create a fulfilling environment for all.


In 2022, Brit Prawat encountered health issues as she suffered from brain bleeding, leading to brain clots. The illness required a series of surgeries, and Brit has always remained determined and strong to conquer in the end.

The health issues were a result of alcohol abuse. After two surgeries left her malnourished and anemic, Brit started a treatment program to recover from all the damage and embrace a sober life once again.

The Crime Junkie family and her friends have remained supportive throughout, giving her the ultimate strength she needs to recover fully and become a lively soul once more.


Today, Brit is known for her passion and dedication to helping those opting for adoption. Through her personal life experience, since she was an infant, she shares the ups and downs of the whole adoption process.

Above all, her contributions to the Crime Junkie Podcast are remarkable. While Ashley Flowers researches and shares the episode's nuggets, Brit goes the extra mile to discuss and share valuable information to captivate the followers' attention.

Brit's net worth is estimated at $1.5 million. Before joining the Crime Junkie podcast, which accelerated her online presence and visibility, she worked as a private investigator assistant. This career cemented her passion for crime stories and series, aiding the massive success of Crime Junkie.


Brit Prawat is a celebrated personality, especially in the media space. From her childhood, she had a thing for investigative crime series. Through this passion and interest in crime matters, she met a friend, Ashley Flower, with whom she shared common interests. Their childhood obsession with crime-related stories and series brought to life the Crime Junkie podcast, a renowned show with millions of downloads and a massive following.

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