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By | June 3, 2024

Leanne Morgan is an American actress, standup comedian, and author. In 2023, she released her first Netflix comedy special, "Leanne Morgan: I am Every Woman." The same year, she won recognition as one of "Variety's Top Comics To Watch."

Early Life

Leanne was born on October 3, 1965, to Jimmy and Lucille Fletcher. With her sister, Beth Mabry, she was brought up in Adams, Tennessee. Her parents did farming and operated a pig processing plant.

Leanne attended Jo Bryns High School before joining and graduating from the University of Tennessee in 1992. She has a bachelor's degree in Child and Family Studies.

Leanne Morgan credits her dad as a great storyteller for influencing her into comedy.


Standup Comedian

Leanne discovered her talent in comedy while working as a door-to-door jewelry saleswoman in 1998. She would make jokes with her clients as she talked about her motherhood journey.

She would also make jokes at Tupperware parties, not knowing that she was slowly transitioning into the entertainment world. She got access to comedy clubs only when she and her husband shifted to San Antonio in 2001.

Leanne Morgan is a standup comedian and American actress

Leanne Morgan is a standup comedian and American actress

She also tried her luck at open mic sessions. In 2018, Leanne hired a social media team to promote clips of her online acts. One clip of her going to a Def/Leppard going to a concert went viral.

Her ability to bring humor to mundane everyday life has attracted many fans. She has been able to poke fun at motherhood, menopause, marriage, and dating apps.

Leanne's comedy acts have landed her some prestigious TV shows.

  • Just For Laughs Festival - Montreal
  • A sitcom with ABC and the Warner Brothers
  • TV Land - Sony Television
  • Appeared on Kelly Clarkson Show - 2019
  • The View Comedy Shows
  • Appearances on Dr. Phil show
  • She even got featured in Paula's Best Dishes in 2008

In 2023, she made the Forbes list of "50 over 50" in the Lifestyle category. The list celebrates women who have shattered gender and age norms. Another extraordinary mention on the list is Jamie Lee Curtis.

Leanne's manager is Levity Talent, and United Talent Agency (UTA) represents her.


Her first comedy special on Netflix, Leanne Morgan: I am Every Woman, was among the top 10. The show started streaming on Netflix on April 11, 2024.

Leanne shares stories about her life as a mother, wife, and wearer of big pants. Her appearance at the Netflix special made her so famous that her 2023 tour sold out.

In 2023, she featured alongside Reese Witherspoon and Will Ferrel in "You're Cordially Invited," an Amazon Prime Feature.

Leanne is working with the acclaimed producer Chuck Lorre (of The Big Bang Theory) on another untitled multicamera series on Netflix. The series shows how life unfolds when "Leannes" husband of 33 years, takes off with another woman.


Leanne has authored a book titled "What In The World?" It is due for release in September 2024 and describes how a woman can still laugh even under challenging situations.

Leanne Morgan book - What in The World?

Leanne Morgan book - What in The World?

You can pre-order her book from her official website.

YouTube Channel

Leanne started her YouTube channel, LeanneMorganComedy , in 2008 by uploading one of her comedy videos. It went viral, and she continues to upload all her videos.

In 2023, her video 30 Minutes of Leanne Morgan: So Yummy reached over 50 million views. Currently, her YouTube channel has over 415k subscribers and 250 videos.

Apart from her YouTube channel, Leanne has a podcast called Sweaty and Pissed: Menopause and More. She hosts the podcast with Karen Nickell, her nurse practitioner.

It's hard to know about Leanne's political views from her comedy shows. She rarely expresses her political opinions in public. Leanne has expressed her wish not to alienate anyone, though she jokes about politicians from both parties.

One thing Leanne is open about is her weight loss journey. She shares how she manages to keep fit with regular walks with her dog, structured eating habits, and embracing physical activities such as dancing and yoga.

Leanne Morgan's net worth is $8 million as of 2024. Her primary source of income is from sold-out comedy tours, shows, and television series. Leanne also does a lot of meet and greets, paid work, and sponsorship ads.

Leanne sold over 100,000 tickets in some of the most prestigious venues in Tennessee, including Nashville's iconic Ryman Auditorium and Chicago Theater. Currently, Leanne commands an appearance fee of at least $75,000.

During her tours and through her website, she sells her merchandise.

  • Hats
  • T-shirts
  • Tumblers
  • Shopping bags

Apart from standup comedy and acting, Leanne earns from her YouTube channel and podcast. She also earns from her Netflix special.

Comedy Tours

After her kids grew up, Leanne could dedicate more time to her comedy career and would often go on tours. She was able to tour with the Southern Fried Chicks. At the start of COVID-19 in 2020, Leanne was to go on an extensive tour, which she had to cancel.

This is when she started relying on social media and posting her cooking comedy clips. At a time when everyone was going online for entertainment, she was able to attract a lot of fans.

In 2022, Leanne went on The Big Panty Tour, where she performed at 100+ shows in various theater stages across the US. She proceeded for her "Just Getting Started Theater and Arena Tour in 2023, performing in over 100 stages.

Karen Mills, a long-time bud of Leanne, is usually her opening act. Leanne and Mills met at a Southern Fried Chicks tour in 2004. Karen is the opening act in Leanne Morgan's 2024 tour.

Leanne Morgan has several concerts in 2024. You can buy tickets through her website or other ticketing platforms.


Leanne got married to her first husband at the age of 21. However, she left him at 23 due to domestic abuse. She went back to University, having dropped out after getting married.

Leanne met her second husband, Chuck Morgan, at the University of Tennessee. After several years of dating, they got married in 1993. They lived in Bean Station, Tennessee, where Chuck had a used mobile home business. The family later moved on to San Antonio, Texas.

Chuck Morgan has been the vice president of site construction at Clayton Homes since 2018. Clayton Homes is a home-building company based in Maryhill, Tennessee. Chuck has previously worked for Oakland Homes and is well-known in the building and construction sector.

Chuck's age is not in the public domain, but he is 5'10" tall. Leanne currently lives with her husband at their home in Knoxville, Tennessee. At 59 years old, Leanne is 5'10" tall and weighs 152 pounds (69 kg).

Leanne Morgan with husband Chuck

Leanne Morgan with husband Chuck


Leanne and Chuck are parents to two daughters and one son - Charlie, Tess, and Maggie. Their son, Charlie, was born in 1993, shortly after Chuck and Leanne married.

Maggie, their second-born and first daughter, was born in 1996. Tess Lucille, their last-born daughter, was born in 1998.

Leanne Morgan with family

Leanne Morgan with family

Charlie married Mary and gave Leanne her first set of grandkids, James and Charles. Mary works with Charlie's father at Clayton Home Construction Company. Charlie is an outdoor writer and freelance digital marketer.

Maggie works at the East Tennessee Children's Hospital. She is dating The Daily Pursuit's CEO and nutrition coach, Tristan Winter.

Tess Lucille Morgan is a successful makeup artist. However, she keeps her dating life private. In 2020, Tess was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. The good news is that by October 2020, after several chemo sessions, she became cancer-free.

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