Brooks Douglass, “The Amendment” Actor – Early Life, Marriage, Legislative Career

By | May 28, 2024

Richard Brooks Douglass, with his sister Leslie, survived a terrifying shooting incident that claimed the lives of their parents. Many know him through The Amendment (previously, Heaven's Rain), a film featuring his life's true story.

Brooks Douglass is an American producer and actor

Brooks Douglass is an American producer and actor

Brooks was an American film producer, actor, lawyer, former Oklahoma state senator, and celebrated businessman.

Early Life

Brooks Douglass was born on September 28, 1963, in Norman, Oklahoma, USA. He was 56 at the time of his death on May 9, 2020.

Brooks was the firstborn of his parents, the late Patriarch Richard Douglass, who was a reverend at Putnam City Baptist Church, and Marilyn Sue Lacy. He grew up in a loving family setting with his parents and his sister, Leslie.

Unfortunately, his parents died when thugs robbed their home in Oklahoma City after a series of shootings. Life took a different turn for Brooks and his sister since they were 16 and 12, respectively, when their parents died.

He completed his BBA from Baylor University. He did his JD (Juris Doctor) and MBA (Masters of Business Administration) from Oklahoma City University. He pursued his MPA (Masters of Public Administration) at Harvard Kennedy School of Government.


Douglass was a film producer and actor. He was also a businessman, lawyer, and Oklahoma state senator.

He co-produced and co-wrote the film "Heaven's Rain" in 2010. It was based on the true life events of Douglass and his sister after the murder of their parents. It showcased his struggle for justice against his parents' killers and sister's rapists.

Brooks Douglass in The Amendment

Brooks Douglass in The Amendment

The film was re-released as "The Amendment" in 2018.

Legislative Career

Douglass was elected a state senate in Oklahoma when he was only 27 years old in 1990. His main campaign revolved around fighting for the rights of crime victims. He represented District 40 from 1990 to 2003.

Brooks Douglass was Oklahoma's state senate

Brooks Douglass was Oklahoma's state senate

Apart from his legislative career, he was also a lawyer and a celebrated businessman.


Brooks married three times. His first marriage was with Dana Jeanine McClendon. It lasted from December 6, 1986 to July 24, 1991. The couple did not have children, and they divorced.

The second marriage was with Mallory Lee Roberts, which lasted from 1996 to June 1998, after which they divorced.

His third marriage was with Julea Posey from 2001 until his death in 2020. The couple had two children, Richard Brogan Douglass and Micaela Sue Douglass.

Brooks Douglass with wife Julea

Brooks Douglass with wife Julea

Brooks was a loving father to his children Richard Brogan "Brody" and Micaela "Cali" Sue Douglass, a loving spouse to his wife Julea Posey and a doting brother to his sister Leslie, who played a big role in helping him fight cancer.


On May 9, 2020, Douglass died at his home in the company of his family after battling cancer for six years. Today, he rests at Chapel Hills Memorial Gardens, where his late parents are also resting.

Brooks Douglas' grave

Brooks Douglas' grave


The late Brooks Douglass will be remembered for his passion for raising a strong family full of love, his enthusiasm for traveling and exploring the world, and his dedication to serving the bigger society, especially fighting for the rights of crime victims.

His family continues his legacy through The Amendment movie and the Douglass House Foundation, where victims can find help or those willing to extend help to victims can find the appropriate guidelines and platform.


Brooks Douglass is a remarkable name, especially in Oklahoma City. Despite his traumatic experience of losing his parents at an early age, he never gave up. He went against the odds to become a top film producer and actor, passionate entrepreneur, and lawyer. His sister Leslie, on the other hand, pursued her education career.

Brooks Douglass with the cast of Heaven's Rain

Brooks Douglass with the cast of Heaven's Rain

Douglass is a celebrated film producer who lived his life to the fullest, enjoyed every moment with his family, explored different careers, traveled the world, and created an admirable legacy. He died in the company of his family after battling cancer for six years.

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