HP OfficeJet Pro 6975 All-in-One Wireless Printer Review

By | April 1, 2021

Perfect for medium-sized workplaces or general home use, the HP OfficeJet Pro 6975 All-in-One Wireless printer has abundant features to suit everyone. With its super stylish outward design, it will complement any home or small office aesthetics.

It’s not bulky or oversized like other high-performance counterparts. This is a large benefit as most competitors with such a range of features are often big and take up a lot of space.

This printer produces up to 50% less cost per colour page than laser printers. For those that are passionate about saving money and energy, this is a huge advantage.

You can print, copy, scan, and even fax your documents with 4-in-1 capabilities. Fast speeds and above-average quality outputs make this printer stand out from the rest.

With automatic duplexing, this printer offers a tray that automatically feeds through the documents for a streamlined process. This allows everyone to handle their tasks more easily without being slowed down by manually having to control all the papers.

There are various ways available for connecting mobiles, tablets, and other electronic devices to give everyone a simple way to get their jobs done.

HP OfficeJet Pro 6975 All-in-One Wireless Printer

HP OfficeJet Pro 6975 All-in-One Wireless Printer


  • 18.26” x 15.35” x 9” size
  • 17.86 lbs
  • 20 ppm monochrome, 11ppm colour
  • Automatic two-sided printing
  • 35-sheet auto feeder
  • 225 paper input capacity
  • 60 sheet output tray
  • Scan to email capability
  • 2.65” colour touch display
  • 1200 x 1200 dpi scan resolution
  • 600 x 600 dpi black and colour copy resolutions


  • HP Smart App compatible
  • Rapid speeds
  • Eligible with HP Instant Ink
  • Ethernet and Wireless connectivity
  • High-quality borderless photos
  • Setup ink cartridges included
  • USB cable and phone cords also included


  • No NFC touch-to-print capability
  • Missing a legal-sized scanning area

Effortless Setup

Experience fast and hassle-free installation with the HP OfficeJet Pro 6975. You can download the latest HP software setup version from the HP website to install everything right away. For any troubles, you’re provided with a setup poster guide that runs you through the whole process.

To use this printer practically immediately, it comes with black, cyan, magenta, and yellow ink tanks already in the box. This saves time as you don’t have to go out and purchase these separately. If you’re having a work emergency and need something printed, scanned, faxed, or copied in a rush, this is a big convenience.

Other great additions that are thoughtful for the user are the included power cord, a USB cable to connect a computer or other device, and a cord to attach your office landline phone.

With the touchscreen to choose your tasks with ultimate ease, you can get your work done in a breeze. There are so many possibilities to select that the average button-style menus would not suffice. You can choose to print special passport ID size photos, choose other specific paper form sizes, and even access help videos to assist you through the process.

Design Features

The HP OfficeJet Pro 6975 is polished with cascading edges that flow for a modern design. Weighing just over 17 lbs makes it fairly easy to transport around if you have a fast-paced workspace or like to change the location of your office. It also means it’s still solid enough to not fall apart after a few uses.

The display is straightforward, but in no means basic. The interface is all touchscreen which makes choosing what you want to do a hassle-free operation. As well as the clear power on/off button, the USB port is easy to access. This is handy so you don’t have to reach around and fiddle through a bunch of cords to insert your flash drive.

The output tray area is also easy to access at the bottom of the printer. Able to hold up to 60 pages, it saves time as you won’t have to constantly take out large volumes of documents while they print.

Lift the top section to reveal the scanner, which automatically scans both sides without needing to flip things over constantly. For work offices, this is a desirable feature as workers frequently need to scan through large amounts of tasks at a time.

Also, at the top of this printer is the automatic feeder which holds 35 papers to make everyone’s work easier. It can be difficult to find a device that has two-sided capabilities as well as feeding the sheets through mechanically, especially in such a compact size.

HP OfficeJet Pro 6975 All-in-One Wireless Printer Features

HP OfficeJet Pro 6975 All-in-One Wireless Printer Features

High-Performance Ink

For a non-dedicated photo printer, the HP OfficeJet Pro 6975 produces rather impressive pictures of vivid quality. With a 600 x 600 dpi resolution rating, the colours are accurate and rich to show every detail.

Multiple types of sheet media can be used, including thick card stock, special glossy photo paper, envelopes, and more. This gives you the freedom to make your images stand out in any way you want them to, like glossy for a wall collage or on thick paper for a scrapbook.

Even if the colour ink runs out, this printer will still generate black and white outputs with no problem. This is a fantastic feature as most others won’t allow you to continue printing if one type of ink cartridge has finished.

Many Connectivity Options

To adapt to many alternative devices, the HP OfficeJet Pro 6975 offers modern and traditional methods of connection. While there is no option for NFC printing, this printer makes up for it with strong wireless linking and Ethernet options. Everyone in the workplace or at home can produce hard copies of their work from any room. WiFi Direct is very popular among printers as it allows you to use them without any functioning network.

Using the HP Smart App is another super-easy way to manage all the work you need to produce. You can use your mobile phone or other devices to scan documents and have them printed instantly. If you love your photos in hard-copy form, you can choose to print them directly from various Cloud applications.

Even print or send to and from your Dropbox, Evernote, or GoogleDrive accounts, which makes sending work between co-workers is as easy as ever. You’re also able to change the general settings right from the app, like selecting duplex printing instead of regular one-sided.

Not only can you scan, print, fax, or copy documents or photos from a USB drive, but you can also put work onto the flash drive itself. This is especially advantageous for students, as they often must save their homework or assignments onto USBs to take to school. They can scan their work through the printer, and it will go directly onto the drive without any separate wires or attachments.

Fast Operating

Every office needs a printer that will keep up with demanding high volumes of work. Black and white documents are easily produced, clocking in at 20 ppm. Colour outputs come in slightly lower at 11 ppm, but this is to be expected as colours take longer to generate in high quality. For automatic two-sided printing, these are fast speeds and is certainly an advantage for saving paper and time.

Overall Conclusion

As an alternative to large expensive and bulky printers, the HP OfficeJet Pro 6975 All-in-One Wireless printer is a fantastic option. It has all the capabilities of incredibly high-performance competitors in a compact design. Have the flexibility to control the outcome of your work with quick speeds, beautiful quality, and strong connection abilities.


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