Flareget – file download manager for linux

By | February 16, 2013

Flareget - The flashget for linux

Flareget is a featureful file download manager for linux. The conventional file download managers available for ubuntu/linux are kget, wget, curl etc. But each of them has some sort of limitation or lacks certain features not making them easy for common users.

This is where flareget comes in. It looks like flashget on windows and has most of the features similar to it. The most important feature ofcourse is the ability to download files in multiple parts simultaneously.

Some of the main features are

Dynamic file segmentation
Http pipelining
Browser integration
Multi protocol support - http, https and ftp
Resume Support

For more details on the features check out the website. Flareget is free but is not open source.

Install on Ubuntu

Download the deb archive from the download page


The archive contains deb and rpm files. On ubuntu run the deb file using gdebi-gtk gui tool or dpkg command.

$ sudo dpkg -i flareget_1.3-5_amd64.deb

On fedora use the rpm file to install.


Here is a screenshot of a file downloading in 8 parts.


KDE has a download manager called Kget but it has some issues like no support for multipart download and the download gets stalled or paused several times if network speed fluctuates.

Flareget at the moment is a bit buggy. Downloads that pause and resume frequently due to network failure could crash it. Hoping these bugs would get fixed soon making flareget a really useful tool for downloading.

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Flareget – file download manager for linux

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