Get the play time and bitrate of an mp3 in php

By | February 16, 2013

If your php application is processing media files like mp3, then it might need to find details of the mp3 file like its playtime, bitrate, encoder etc. There is a very useful php library called Getid3 that can extract information from mp3 files. Its written in pure php and does not have any dependencies. Needs php 5.0+.

Get it here

Here is a quick code example that shows how to find out the playtime of an mp3.

//Audio File information library

$getID3 = new getID3;

$path = 'sample.mp3';
$mixinfo = $getID3->analyze( $path );

// Optional: copies data from all subarrays of [tags] into [comments] so
// metadata is all available in one location for all tag formats
// metainformation is always available under [tags] even if this is not called

// Output desired information in whatever format you want
// Note: all entries in [comments] or [tags] are arrays of strings
// See structure.txt for information on what information is available where
// or check out the output of /demos/demo.browse.php for a particular file
// to see the full detail of what information is returned where in the array
//echo @$ThisFileInfo['comments_html']['artist'][0]; // artist from any/all available tag formats
//echo @$ThisFileInfo['tags']['id3v2']['title'][0];  // title from ID3v2
$bit_rate = $mixinfo['audio']['bitrate'];           // audio bitrate
$play_time = $mixinfo['playtime_string'];            // playtime in minutes:seconds, formatted string


list($mins , $secs) = explode(':' , $play_time);

if($mins > 60)
	$hours = intval($mins / 60);
	$mins = $mins - $hours*60;

$play_time = sprintf("%02d:%02d:%02d" , $hours , $mins , $secs);

echo $play_time;
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Get the play time and bitrate of an mp3 in php
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