Actress Jane Laborteaux – Sister of Matthew Laborteaux

By | April 24, 2024

Jane Laborteaux, who turned 55 in 2024, is an American actress from Los Angeles, California. She was born to artist parents - Frances Marshall and Ron Laborteaux. People close to Frances simply called her Frankie.

Jane has two brothers who, like her, are successful actors. It is worth noting that their family name is spelled differently at different times, sometimes as "Laborteaux" and other times as "Labyorteaux."


Jane started acting at a young age. As an adolescent, she was featured in the TV series, "This is Your Life," which ran from 1983 to 1984.

She took inspiration from her brothers, who had successful careers in Hollywood by the time she began acting. Incidentally, not much is documented about the trajectory Jane's career took after This is Your Life.

Family Life

Jane's mother was an actress recognized for her role in the 1990 horror movie Tales of the Unknown. She was also famous for her role in the 1992 comedy movie Unbecoming Age and the 1995 courtroom drama series JAG.

Ron Labyoteaux, Jane's father, was an interior designer who also doubled as a talent agent. He was born in 1930 and died in 1992, while his wife, Frances, was born in 1927 and died in 2012.

Unlike many Hollywood stars, Jane has managed to keep her personal life private. As such, not many of her social and personal relationships are in the public domain. Nevertheless, one can understand her better by referencing her life to that of her two brothers, Patrick Laborteaux and Matthew Charles Laborteaux.

Jane is around four years younger than Patrick. She was born in 1969, while Patrick was born in 1965. Their mother, Frances Marshall, groomed Patrick into a successful actor after noting his talent at a young age. Patrick also became a writer.

Jane is around three years younger than her brother, Matthew Laborteaux, born in 1966. He was seen with his brother, Patrick, in the television series Little House on the Prairie.

This popular show, based on Laura Ingalls' children's books, ran regularly on NBC. It remained a popular family show for over eight years – from September 1974 to March 1983.

Jane was exposed to the world of acting at a family level much before becoming an actress herself. She followed in the career footsteps of her brothers, Patrick and Matthew Laborteaux.

Jane Laborteaux, sister of Patrick Laborteaux and Matthew Laborteaux

Jane Laborteaux, sister of Patrick Laborteaux and Matthew Laborteaux

While Jane considered her brothers her role models, she was the only biological child of Frances Marshall and Ron Labyoteaux. However, the three siblings grew up in a loving family, sharing the fun and challenges of being in the public limelight.

Patrick Laborteaux was born in July 1965, but Jane's parents adopted him in 1966. That was a few months before Matthew Charles, whom they adopted as an infant, was born. Matthew's date of birth is December 8, 1966.

Patrick Laborteaux's Acting Career

Jane's eldest brother, Patrick, was already a decade into acting when she joined him in Hollywood. He began acting sincerely in 1974, debuting as the character Henry in the comedy Blazing Saddles.

The same year, Patrick acted as Peter in another comedy, Mame. He also had his first appearance in the Little House on the Prairie, a TV series that gave him a huge career boost. In this long-running series, Patrick assumed the character of Andy or Andrew Garvey.

Patrick Laborteaux, elder brother of Jane Laborteaux

Patrick Laborteaux, elder brother of Jane Laborteaux

He went on to take up many other acting roles as he grew older. By the time his sister, Jane, began acting, he had more than ten contracts under his belt.

Patrick acted in Only with Married Men, The Love Boat, Prince of Bel Air, Heathers, Adventures of Dinosaur City, Spider-Man, JAG, NCIS, and many more features.

His most recent act was in the 2023 Arctic Armageddon, where he assumed the role of Secretary Carter.

Matthew Laborteaux' Acting Career

Jane grew up to know a brother with an impressive acting career, although Matthew's life had begun with health challenges.

He had a heart defect by the time Frances Marshall and Ron Laborteaux adopted him, and he was autistic. His movement and speech development were delayed, only managing to walk at the age of three and speaking at the age of five.

The Laborteaux family was used to seeing Matthew throw tantrums at will. However, the first time he was given a chance to audition for an acting role, he was excited about it. He auditioned and won the part.

Among Matthew's early acting experiences was a role in A Woman Under Influence, a film released in 1974.

Matthew's career developed fast. In 1977, he took up a role as the wild child in the satirical TV drama Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. He also acted as Frankie, a troublemaker, in The Red Hand Gang, an NBC daytime show.

Matthew Laborteaux, brother of Jane Laborteaux

Matthew Laborteaux, brother of Jane Laborteaux

In 1978, he was enlisted to play Albert Ingall in Little House on the Prairie. Like himself, Matthew's character in this TV series was adopted.

About three years after Jane took up her first acting role, her brother, Matthew, landed his most significant acting role. He assumed the role of Paul Conway in the 1986 film Deadly Friend.

Jane Laborteaux's Other Relationships

Jane is a sister-in-law to Leslie Laborteaux, wife of Matthew Laborteaux, and Tina Albanese, wife of Patrick Laborteaux.

She is also an aunt to Matthew and Leslie's two children and Patrick and Tina's child. Not much else is factually known about Jane's romantic life or career progression. Nevertheless, her name often features when her two famous brothers are mentioned.

Her net worth is presumed to be $0.8 million.

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