Chelcie Lynn – Internet personality, Actress and stand up comedian

By | June 24, 2024

Chelcie Lynn is an American internet personality, actress, and stand-up comedian who began her internet career on the video-sharing platform Vine as her character, Trailer Trash Tammy. She posted her first original Vine in 2013 and moved to YouTube to continue sharing content after the platform was discontinued in 2017. She is known for Tangerine (2015), Dog Eat Dog (2016), and Sweet Dreams (2024).

Chelcie Lynn is an internet personality and standup comedian

Chelcie Lynn is an internet personality and standup comedian

Early Life

Chelcie Lynn was born on August 9, 1987, in the USA. As of June 2024, she is 36 years old.

In The HoneyDew Podcast with Ryan Sickler, Chelcie narrated her story of growing up, which wasn't rosy. When she was born, her parents were still young and messed up, mostly high on drugs.

She had to start caring for her younger sisters at a very young age. Sometimes, she had to beg their neighbors for food. They went to live with their grandmother after their mom was arrested for drugs.

Chelcie grew up in poverty, but the story has changed today.


Chelcie Lynn is described as an extraordinary internet personality. She started building a fan base in 2014 when her sketches featuring her alter ego, Trailer Trash Tammy, went viral.

Chelcie Lynn posts as Trailer Trash Tammy

Chelcie Lynn posts as Trailer Trash Tammy

Since then, her videos have gained hundreds of millions of views across the internet and have launched her career on screen and in comedy touring.

The comedian realized her talent early. In 2013, she launched a Vine Channel and started uploading comic videos. In her videos, she played the character of Trailer Trash Tammy.

Her facial expressions and voice made her short videos more interesting to watch. As a result, her fame escalated. Unfortunately, the app was discontinued when she had reached 240,000 followers.

On March 31, 2015, the American comedian shifted to YouTube and Instagram. The first video she uploaded on her YouTube channel is titled - "Y'all got a cigarette?" She later started engaging in Live performances.

In 2021, the comedian did a US tour called The Tammy Tour 2021.

The same year, she was named one of Variety's Top 10 comics to watch. Her inaugural stand-up comedy tour, 'The Tammy Tour: One Trailer Park At A Time,' sold out in 2021.

Chelcie continued her cross-country tour in 2022 and 2023, selling out shows. Festivals she was involved with included hosting the Tailgates & Tallboys Festivals and appearing at the 'Netflix Is A Joke: The Festival.'

She can be seen in the Duplass Brothers feature film Tangerine as 'Madame Jillian,' and in the digital series Coach Von Pidgeon for Funny or Die and Facebook Watch. Chelcie also appeared as Umpire in the film Sweet Dreams, starring Johnny Knoxville, Mo Amer, and Kate Upton.

Chelcie makes around $70,000 every year. She makes $45,000 from YouTube ad revenue and $20,000 from her website. As a stand-up comedian, she gets around $30,000 to $50,000.

Chelcie is active and popular on social media

Chelcie is active and popular on social media

The internet personality makes most of her money from her comedy career. Besides, she has millions of fans and followers on the internet and social media platforms to cheer her up. So, she earns money from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and websites.

Lynn started uploading regularly on her YouTube channel in 2017, although the channel was created on March 30, 2015. In a short time, Lynn managed to gain around 1.31 million subscribers. Currently, she has over 1.41M subscribers.

Chelcie has also worked in several television shows, including Used Cars, Somewhat Damaged, Coach Von Pidgeon, and many more. From here, she makes around $3,000 for every appearance.

Chelcie also has an official website. She uses it to share her tour schedules. She also sells merchandise, including t-shirts, hoodies, hats, blankets, and many other accessories at affordable prices. From here, she makes around $20,000.

So, as of 2022, Chelcie Lynn had an estimated net worth of $5 million.


Chelsie has two younger sisters, Beth Franks and Maggie Wilson. All three were raised in Oklahoma by their grandmother. Chelcie's sisters have appeared severally in her YouTube videos.

Chelcie is married to Greg Melton, who appears in her YouTube videos as Darryl. The duo met on Facebook in 2005 when Chelcie was still in college.

Greg Melton, a young college football player from a school two hours from Chelcie's, popped up in her suggestions. She sent him a friend request, and he accepted it. His first message to Chelcie was a pick-up line—a pretty cheesy one, by Greg's admission: "I like your eyes."

Chelcie Lynn with husband Greg

Chelcie Lynn with husband Greg

They continued to communicate on Facebook and eventually got to know each other. In May 2010, the two made things official, tying the knot in a low-key celebration with family and close friends. They celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary in 2022.

Chelcie also has two dogs - Tilly, a mi-ki, and Gary, a Japanese chin.

Beth, Maggie, Greg, Paige, Clayton, Libbie, Tony, Brittanie, Laura, Brette, Jerry, Tina, and Rafe are all crew members of Chelcie's "Tammy Bangs."

Personal Life

In December 2023, Chelcie bought the door of Bettymwhite's home of 50 years to use it to build her own house.

In 2018, Chelcie posted on X that her weight loss goal was to lose pounds until she no longer had to breathe in the shower.

However, it was Tammy Slaton who underwent weight loss surgery.

The major connection between Chelcie and Tammy is their name. Chelcie chose her character named Tammy, which depicted a redneck, trailer trash woman living in the Southern US.

They recently met, took photos, and shared them on their Instagram stories.

Official Links

Chelcie Lynn has a strong presence on the internet, as she is everywhere. Little wonder she is described as an internet personality extraordinaire.

She has a large following on all social media platforms.

TikTok - @chelcielynn - 5.1M followers
Instagram - @chelcielynn_ - 407k followers
Facebook - Chelcie Lynn - 4.6M followers
Twitter - @chelcielynnn - 51.9k followers
YouTube Channel - Chelcie Lynn - 1.41M followers
YouTube Channel - Chelcie Lynn Vlogs - 179k followers
Official Website -
Eat My Trash -
Cameo - Chelcie Lynn
Wikipedia -
IMDb -

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