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By | March 11, 2024

Early Life and Career of Suzanne Marie Morrison

Birth and Background:

Suzanne Marie Morrison (Maiden Name) was born on July 22, 1943, in Canada. She spent most of her life in Canada, moving between Montreal and Toronto. During her university days at the University of Toronto, she held the prestigious title of Miss Canadian University Snow Queen in 1966.

Career in Journalism and Authorship:

Suzanne began her career as a journalist and TV anchor in Canada and worked at Global Television News for a year before leaving in 1981. Later in her professional life, she entered politics, serving as a press secretary for Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. She also worked as a political consultant, fundraiser, and writer.

Marriages and Family Life

Suzanne Marie Morrison was briefly married to John Bennett Perry. Their marriage ended in separation when their son Matthew Perry was still a baby. This separation marked a fresh start for Suzanne in Canada.

Later, Suzanne married Keith Morrison, a tv journalist, in 1981. Together they had four children: Willy, Caitlin, Emily, and Madeleine Morrison. In addition to this, Keith Morrison also had a son Michael from a previous relationship.

Suzanne Perry and Keith Morrison

Suzanne Perry with husband Keith Morrison

Suzanne's family includes Matthew Perry from her first marriage and four children with Keith Morrison. Despite challenges, Suzanne prioritized family, supporting Matthew through his career and personal struggles.

Influence on Matthew Perry's Life:

Suzanne played a pivotal role in her son Matthew Perry's career and life. Her background in journalism likely influenced Matthew's career choices.

Though Matthew got known as an actor (he played Chandler Bing on Friends), Suzanne maintained a private life, focusing on family and personal relationships.

She supported Matthew during his struggles with addiction and was by his side during difficult times. As per reports, Matthew was taking a medicine named Vicodin in 1997 for pain relief due to a jet ski accident. However this led him to develop addiction problems which caused immense struggle in this personal life. He started fearing for life and then eventually called his parents for help and made a turn-around since then.

Matthew also released his memoir, "Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing" where he mentions things about his mother, along with his struggle with alcoholism and addiction.

Professional Roles and Accomplishments

Modeling and Journalism: Suzanne Perry began her career in modeling before transitioning into journalism. She worked as an anchor at Global Television News for a year before getting into politics.

Press Secretary to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau: Suzanne Perry served as the press secretary for Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, showcasing her communication skills and political acumen. In addition to her role as a press secretary, Suzanne Perry worked as a political consultant and fundraiser. Her experience in journalism and politics contributed to her diverse career.

Suzanne Perry Pierre Trudeau

Suzanne Perry with Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau

Personal Traits and Choices

Suzanne Perry values privacy and keeps a low profile, focusing on her family instead of seeking public attention, despite her son Matthew Perry's fame. Throughout her life, she has placed a strong emphasis on family, dedicating herself to supporting her children, including Matthew, through various challenges and milestones.

Suzanne Marie Morrison with family

Suzanne Marie Morrison and Keith Morrison

Suzanne Perry also avoids engagement on social media platforms, preferring face-to-face interactions rather than participating in online communities.

Net Worth

Suzanne Perry's estimated net-worth ranges between $11 to $12 million as of December 2022. This was probably built through successful career across various fields, including modeling, journalism, political consulting, fundraising, and writing.

Support for Matthew Perry

Suzanne Perry has been a rock-solid support for her son Matthew Perry throughout his life and career. As his mother, she played a crucial role in shaping his journey to success. During Matthew's toughest times, including his battles with addiction, Suzanne stood by him unwaveringly. Alongside her husband Keith Morrison, she provided the support and assistance Matthew needed to overcome his struggles.

Suzanne Perry with son, Matthew Perry, and daughter, Emily Morrison

Matthew's memoir highlights the profound impact Suzanne had on his life. Despite her demanding career, she always put family first, providing Matthew with stability and love. Her influence played a significant role in shaping him into the successful actor he became.

Recognition and Legacy

Suzanne Perry's impact on Canadian media and politics, coupled with her pivotal role as Matthew Perry's mother, has earned her recognition and left a lasting legacy.

Recognition as Matthew Perry's Mother:

Though known for her diverse career, Suzanne is primarily acknowledged as the mother of actor Matthew Perry. Her support and guidance have been instrumental in shaping Matthew's life and career, contributing to his success.

Contributions to Canadian Media and Politics:

Suzanne's career trajectory, from modeling to journalism and political consulting, highlights her significant contributions to Canadian media and politics. Her tenure as press secretary for former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau underscores her influence and expertise in public affairs.

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