“Cops, in slang” – WSJ Crossword Clue – Answer and Hints

By | April 24, 2024


If you are new to solving a crossword clue, it is often best to start with those you know before going on to the more complex ones. Try to identify if the puzzle creator is using a pun, play on words, or double meanings. Sometimes it is best to take a break and then return a bit later with a fresh perspective. This clue "Cops, in slang" appeared in the WSJ Crossword on March 25, 2024. If you are still struggling, we have the answer for you below.


Clue: Cops, in slang
Answer: POPO (4 letters)

Hints and Explanation

A cop is a term used to refer to a police officer while slang relates to words and phrases used by a particular context or group of people, often children.

POPO is also a popular slang term for the local police. The term dates back to the 1980s when partnered bike officers in Southern California would ride around with their paired shirts reading “POPO”. This explanation, paired with other solutions in the grid, means the answer turns out to be POPO.

Crossword Clues on March 25, 2024

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