“Dream outfit, for short” – NYT Mini Crossword Clue – Answer and Hints

By | April 24, 2024


Regularly doing crossword puzzles exposes you to new words which expands your vocabulary. Creators of crossword puzzles use a range of techniques such as wordplay, themes, and puns to make the puzzle more engaging but also to create a challenge for the solver.

This clue "Dream outfit, for short" appeared in the NYT - The Mini Crossword on January 11, 2024. If you are still struggling, we have the answer for you below.


Clue: Dream outfit, for short
Answer: PJS (3 letters)

Hints and Explanation

A dream is something that happens while someone is sleeping but can also refer to something that you think is ideal or perfect while an outfit refers to clothes worn for a particular occasion.

PJS are short for pajamas which are worn at night, when you may be dreaming. So paired with other solutions in the grid, the answer turns out to be PJS.

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