Meet Abbie Herbert – TikTok star and Model

By | May 24, 2024

Abbie Herbert is a TikTok influencer with over 15.5 Million followers on the platform, and 2.2 Million followers on Instagram. The American influencer is famous for her fun videos on social media, often involving her husband, Josh, and her kids. She is 27 years old, and Josh 34 years old.

TikTok star and model Abbie Herbert

TikTok star and model Abbie Herbert

Early Life

Not much is known about Abbie’s childhood. In one of her video posts with Josh, she recalls that she began daycare when she was only three months old because her parents had to work long hours.

In February 2022, Abbie posted a video in which she referred to social media star Chris Olsen as ‘brother’. This caused speculation over whether the two are siblings. There has been no official confirmation from either of them about this.

Abbie was born with tethered cord syndrome, and a back condition called spina bifida. She said in a video that she needed to undergo surgery for it when she was three years old. This has also caused her to trip often, she says.

Abbie started out as a model in her teenage years. She had a contract with an agency for her modeling gigs. But Abbie said she was addicted to alcohol when she was 17 years old, which caused her to gain weight in an unhealthy manner and look puffy. Her contract was then canceled. Following her modeling career’s abrupt halt, she enrolled at Ohio State University for a course. She says her alcohol addiction ruined her friendships, career and school.


TikTok stars Abbie and Josh Herbert

TikTok stars Abbie and Josh Herbert

When modeling for a music video in 2013, she met Josh, whom she would marry six years later. Josh Herbert is a songwriter and musician, and Abbie was called to model for his music video. The couple began dating in 2015, and got married four years later, in 2019. It appears as though Abbie is taller than Josh, prompting a lot of comments on the height and age difference between the two. In a reel, the duo said he was 5 '6' and she 5’10’’.

The duo had their first baby, Poppy, in May 2021. Last year, in March, they welcomed their second baby, a boy Jagger.

The couple also posted about a miscarriage that Abbie endured when Poppy was nearly a year old. Some of Abbie’s videos feature Nate, a dog she rescued in 2018.

Abbie and Josh Herbert with their children

Abbie and Josh Herbert with their children

Social Media career

A career in social media happened by chance, according to Abbie. She has said in interviews that it was born out of boredom. Her plan was to continue modeling. But when the pandemic broke out, the couple had little else to do indoors all the time. They then experimented on TikTok. They ran a podcast, Who Wears The Pants, and also have a YouTube channel, The Herberts.

Social Media persona

Abbie’s online persona is fun, light-hearted, and candid about the challenges in her and her family’s life. Her followers connect with her for sharing details of her regular but hectic life. She is incredibly popular among young women, especially moms, as she documents her life as a mom of two kids under two years (until May 2024, when her daughter turned three).

In the past, she has spoken about her health challenges, like complications that arose from having PCOS, her miscarriage, and her alcohol addiction. She has also spoken about her C-section to deliver Jogger.

Across different social media channels, Abbie maintains a relatable, real image. She maintains a kind and relatable personality.

Abbie and Josh jointly produce a lot of social media content together.

Skin care label

Prior to the birth of her children, Abbie suffered severe cystic acne that followed her PCOS diagnosis. Her knowledge of skin care evolved from there, and she took two years to achieve the glowing skin she has. These nudged her to focus on skin care.

In 2022, she launched her skincare brand, Pavot, which fixes dehydrated skin and razor burns. Pavot’s products are available through the Beaubble’s website, and has a community center to allow Abbie to interact with users of Pavot. Abbie says such an interaction is unique to her brand, and that it helps evolve her product line based on customer expectation and feedback.

Fashion collaborations

TikTok star Abbie Herbert with husband, Josh Herbert, and kids

TikTok star Abbie Herbert with husband, Josh Herbert, and kids

Abbie recently began her collaboration with fashion brands. Her first foray into fashion was a collaboration with Pleiades Designs for their collection of children’s dresses. She also tied up with clothes brand Young Days, for a collection of styles inspired by her children.

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