Meet Bobby Sherman – an American Singer and TV Star

By | May 12, 2024

Bobby Sherman is a celebrated American singer, TV star, paramedic, and technical Reserve Police Officer. Many knew him through a series of single hits, with the Little Woman hit putting him on the top ranks.

He started rocking the entertainment industry from his teenage days in the early 1970s. He rocked several shows during the 1960s and 1970s. Today, Bobby Sherman is a big name with a lot of legendary impact.

Early Life and Education

Bobby Sherman was born in Santa Monica, California, USA on July 22, 1943. He is 80 years old as of May 2024.

His parents, Robert Cabot Sherman Sr. and Juanita (née Freeman) Sherman, named him Robert Cabot Sherman Jr. They raised and nurtured him and his sister, Darlene, with love in Van Nuys, California. They moved from Santa Monica to Van Nuys, California, in 1951.

He went to Birmingham High School, where he discovered his passion for music. He started developing an interest in musical instruments at a tender age. He started with the trumpet at 11 and later on progressed to playing other musical instruments as he polished up his passion for music.

Bobby Sherman developed a passion in music at a young age

Bobby Sherman developed a passion in music at a young age

In 1961, he graduated from high school and pursued his studies further at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, California, where he studied child psychology.

At college, he sang with a band with members from his former high school. Through the final performance, where one of the agents noticed the potential in Bobby Sherman and invited him for a TV series audition, allowing him to feature on the show Shindig from 1964 to 1966.


Bobby Sherman's passion for music began when he was 11 when he developed an interest in playing musical instruments. Apart from playing football at Birmingham High School in Van Nuys, Bobby joined a dance group from which his love for singing grew, and he knew he wanted to be a top performer.

Sal Mineo wrote two songs for Bobby and proceeded with the recording of these songs.

In 1964, Bobby got a golden chance to perform at a Hollywood party, where he sang the songs written by Sal Mineo. This unlocked the opportunity for him to be a part of the Shiding TV show, which aired from 1964 – 1966.

From 1968 to 1970, he was featured in the famous TV series, "Here Comes the Bride." It was another opportunity that took Bobby's name to the top of the celebrated stars. He also featured in "The Princess and the Paupers" Honey West and the Monkees episode.

As of today, Bobby has around 107 songs: 10 albums and 23 hit singles. He has earned five gold albums, one platinum single, and seven golden singles throughout his recording career.

Bobby Sherman is an American singer

Bobby Sherman is an American singer

Some of his top hits include the following:

  • Little woman
  • Julie, Do Ya Love Me
  • Easy Come, Easy Go
  • La La La, (If I had you)
  • Hey Mister Sun
  • Cried Like a Baby
  • Seattle
  • Waiting at the Bus Stop
  • The Drum
  • Sounds Along the Way
  • Jennifer
  • Judy, You'll Never Know
  • You Make Me Happy
  • Anything Your Little Heart Desires

Apart from being a musician and a TV star, Bobby was a paramedic. In 1974, he disappeared from the public space and became a paramedic, where he worked with paramedics in the Angeles Police Department, offering first aid and CPR classes.

In 1990, he became a technical reserve police officer working with the Los Angeles Police Department. He then became a medical training officer, where he instructed police officers on matters of CPR and first aid at the Los Angeles Police Academy.

Today, Bobby and his wife have a children's foundation in Ghana. The BBSCF – Brigitte and Bobby Sherman Children's Foundation was launched in 2011 and aims to help families struggling with children's education. It provides school supplies, food, shoes, uniforms, and school fees.

Bobby Sherman and wife Brigette Poublon found the children's foundation

Bobby Sherman and wife Brigette Poublon found the children's foundation

Bobby's net worth is estimated at $10 million. This is from his music career, TV shows, and other activities he has achieved away from the public space.

Personal Life

Bobby grew up in a lovely family setting. His father, Robert Cabot Sherman Sr, his mother, Juanita (née Freeman) Sherman, and his sister, Darlene Mack, supported him throughout his career and life.


He married Patti Carnel, his first wife, in 1971 but divorced later in 1979. The couple had two sons, Tyler and Christopher. Bobby loves his two sons passionately and has been supporting them through the different phases of their lives.

Bobby Sherman with Patti Carnel

Bobby Sherman with Patti Carnel

On July 18, 2010, Bobby married Brigitte Poublon in Las Vegas. Despite being married for over a decade, they don't have any children.


Bobby will be remembered for the indelible impact he left on the music and entertainment industry. Although he is no longer performing or hosting TV shows and series, he is impacting society by touching children's lives through their children's foundation in Ghana.

Despite having retired from the public space, Bobby still appears in charity and corporate events.


Bobby Sherman is a name with remarkable impact. From his childhood journey, different career paths, and now a retired paramedic, technical reserve police officer, and medical training officer, Bobby is a name that will always leave marks of his contributions to society.

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