Who is Christen Whitman – A Social Media Star and Content Creator

By | May 13, 2024

Christen Whitman is an American social media influencer known for her fun dancing on TikTok. Her post on Meghan Trainor's song went viral and garnered significant engagement.

Christen Whitman is a TikTok star

Christen Whitman is a TikTok star

Early Life and Family

Christen Whitman was born on September 18, 2000. She is 23 years old as of May 2024. She shares her birthday with established Hollywood stars, like Jada Pinkett, Lance Armstrong (the cyclist), and James Gandolfini.

Not much is known about her parents and close relatives, but she does have a sister. She has completed high school, but the school's name isn't available in the public domain.

Her bubbly and extroverted personality doesn't interfere with the family's privacy. She speaks of her family very protectively. When asked to respond to a rumor related to her mother, she shared that she loves her mother and cannot comment on the topic.

Her mother appeared once on Whitman's TikTok video, but she, too, did not bring any family information to the limelight.

She is considered an American citizen, but some sources indicate that she is of mixed race.


Christen Whitman's career started when she posted her inaugural TikTok dance in July 2020. She continued to lip sync to different tunes and to dance in styles that were captivating to watch.

Soon, her consistency in publishing content paid off. She did a skit based on a popular song by Meghan Trainor, "All About that Bass," and the post went viral.

Christen Whitman's viral post gained significant engagement

Christen Whitman's viral post gained significant engagement

In 2014, when Trainor released the song, it achieved the third position on the global chart and ended up selling ten million copies.

When the Trainor song-based TikTok post was published, Christen and Whitney's TikTok drama helped immensely. The comical aspect of it attracted great viewership. Within no time, her TikTok followers had exceeded 1.5 million and pushed Christen's net worth significantly.

Christen has other social media accounts that are also popular with fans. These include the Christen and Whitney podcast – YouTube, and her Instagram account.

The number of followers on Christen's Instagram account exceeds 650,000. Many fans admire the photographs she posts, some in bikinis and others in lingerie.

Christen works hard to promote her social media accounts. Her net worth isn't revealed, but it is estimated at approximately $150,000.

Christen's TikTok partner, Whitney, is also very successful. She has close to 56 million likes on TikTok and a following of 1.4 million. Besides Christen, Whitney usually collaborates with other friends in her humorous social media skits and dances. She and Christen have even danced to Nick Minaj's song, Super Freaky Girl.

Christen Whitman and Whitney Wren

Christen Whitman and Whitney Wren

Soon, Whitman and some of her TikTok friends might find themselves cast in the Under the Influence show. Currently, what Christen and her TikTok friends are engaged in, as they travel and have fun together, can be aptly termed the Christen and Whitney reality show.

Personal Life

Christen is 5'5" tall with a petite body.

In December 2023, on her podcast, which she runs with her friend, Whitney Wren, Christen disclosed she was pregnant. She also assured her fans that Jacob Savage, her boyfriend, was responsible for the pregnancy. Jacob also confirmed the news.

Christen Whitman reveals pregnancy news

Christen Whitman reveals pregnancy news

From her Instagram posts, it is known that she is due to deliver her baby to Jacob in June 2024.

Jacob is a 24-year-old social media influencer with a massive following, especially on TikTok. His first TikTok post appeared in 2021, where he could be seen dancing. Now, his TikTok following has reached 700,000, and his likes have reached 47 million.


Although Christen is very popular, she is prone to controversies. Her social media accounts are banned often, in response to which she keeps opening new accounts.

Sometimes, her remarks are racist. There was even a time when she was accused of leaking fans' private information after they had subscribed to a "fans only" page.

Recently, Christen admitted she was vaping, even after knowing about her pregnancy. This enraged a significant section of her followers and became the center of a big controversy online.

However, Christen is hardworking, resilient, and focused. She does not quit the social media arena, even during backlash and controversy.


Christen is a young internet personality. She does not share much information about her family and prefers to keep her personal life private. She focuses on herself, her TikTok partner, Whitney Wren, and the other youngsters who join her periodically during recording.

Her ability to draw attention to herself, be it for her dancing, lip-syncing, or fun with friends, continues. She is an online sensation now, but she is likely to become an even bigger online earner in the future.

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