Who is Indy Bugg – The Viral Kid Dancer and Social Media Sensation

By | May 17, 2024

At 11, Indy Bugg is a social media sensation with 652k followers on Instagram and 335k subscribers on YouTube. The young American is popular for posting a variety of content like dancing and hair-braiding videos and even motivational speeches.

Indy Bugg is a viral kid dancer

Indy Bugg is a viral kid dancer

Early Life

Indy was born on July 19, 2012, and lives in Dayton, Ohio. She developed a keen interest in dance at a very young age. She recalls 'JuJu on that Beat' by hip-hop duo Zay Hilfigerrr and Zayion McCall was the first song she heard.

Indy says she was only three years old when her mom, Rachel, played it to her, and she danced to it immediately. According to Indy's mother, she is being homeschooled.


Indy's biggest support system and cheerleader is her mom, Rachel. She creates and manages Indy's social media presence and live gigs. She is also the founder and CEO of indybugg1.com, where Indy's performances are booked.

Rachel also features in a lot of Indy's videos. According to her, Indy has performed in 30 US states.

Not much is known about Indy's father, and it is speculated that Rachel is a single parent. However, there's no official comment on it. Indy's sister occasionally features in Indy's videos.

Despite being a public person who often shares posts online, Indy keeps a few basic details about her private, like her real name and her father.



Although Indy is famous for many things she does, her followers know her best as a dancer. Her quick movement, signature head whips, and energy make her dance videos immensely popular, often winning thousands of views.

In 2022, Indy received recognition for her dancing skills from Beyoncé, whom she considers her favorite musician. Indy was even featured in Beyoncé's first-ever TikTok video.

It was a montage of fans dancing to Beyoncé's dance-pop track, Break My Soul. Little Indy's dance was also included in it. The video got 1.7 million views in a day.

Another iconic performance of Indy's is Megan Thee Stallion's "Savage".

Even though Indy shakes her leg to several popular dance tracks, she says her content is moderated. She also shares that some songs are clearly "off-limits" for her. According to Indy, this is one of the reasons she does not have a lot of negative comments on her videos.


Indy is fond of braiding hair for herself and others. Braiding videos are often seen on her Instagram account. She also has her line of hair care products, Indybugg1.

Indy's net worth is expected to be between $3 million and $5 million, generated through her brand sponsorships, revenue from social media handles, merchandise sales, and live gigs.

Popular Appearances

Indy featured twice - in September 2022 and January 2023 - within 12 months in the American talk show, The Jennifer Hudson Show. In her second appearance, Indy shared she was "shocked" when she found out her dance video was included in Beyonce's dance montage.

Indy Bugg on Jennifer Hudson Show

Indy Bugg on Jennifer Hudson Show

Another noteworthy achievement for Indy was being awarded 'TikTok Star of the Week' in 2022 on the American TV program Access Hollywood. This allowed her to dance at the Despicable Me's Minion-themed parade at Universal Studios.


Recently, American singer-songwriter and actress Halle Bailey appreciated Indy for her inspirational words and chose her to play Disney Princess Ariel if Disney ever decided to cast for the next generation of Future Princess.

American Actress and Producer Viola Davis contributed to Indy Bugg's popularity by sharing her dance video on Davis's social media.


Indy's journey online hasn't been all smooth, without hate. Her wise words of positivity and physical appearance have often caused rumors of her being an older child.

People have also commented about her short stature and missing teeth, spreading rumors about her health conditions.

In late 2022, Indy's mom, Rachel, addressed these rumors, clarifying that her daughter was only 11. As for her teeth, Rachel shared that Indy had some teeth removed surgically, and they were taking time to grow.

Rachel also clarified that her daughter does not have any disability and is short, just like how Rachel is.

As for Indy herself, she handles the criticism of being body-shamed like a boss. She even used the criticism in her favor once and opined, "You don't need to be somebody else – just be who you are! Like me – I'm Indy, I'm short, I'm cute…"

Indy Bugg is a popular online personality

Indy Bugg is a popular online personality

Online Presence

Indy Bugg's social media brings forth her charming and funny personality, showing her child-like interests and mature thinking.

Indy acknowledges that 95 percent of her content, often hair braiding videos, nail art, or dance videos, is viewed by women. Her posts are funny and engaging and spread positivity often.

Indy became viral on TikTok in 2020 and created her Instagram Account (@indybugg1) in 2021. She now enjoys the support of 652,000 followers, and her YouTube channel, indybugg1, has over 335,000 subscribers.

Upon growing up, Indy said she would like to be an artist and sell clothes, besides supporting the homeless with money.


Some of Indy's competitors on social media include American dance kids Brody Hudson Schaffer and Ava Foley and Russian social media personality Danya Merkulov.

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