Meet Lemuel Plummer – Founder & CEO of Zeus Network, Producer and Entrepreneur

By | May 17, 2024

Lemuel Plummer is an accomplished and prominent producer and entrepreneur from Detroit, Michigan. He has been named one of the top leaders under 40 by Forbes Magazine. He is also a keynote speaker at various global conferences.

Lemuel Plummer is a producer and entrepreneur

Lemuel Plummer is a producer and entrepreneur

Early Life

Lemuel Olenn Plummer was born on April 10, 1986, to Bishop Glenn R Plummer and Pauline Plummer. Glenn and Pauline have a blended family of eight children.

Lemuel attended Sail University and earned a degree in Entertainment Business. His parents own and run three television networks in Detroit, Michigan. His father is the CEO of Christian Television Network and has also built five broadcast television stations in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Detroit, and New Orleans.


Lemuel started as an intern and production assistant on various television shows. At 21, he sold his first show. He moved from Detroit to Los Angeles, where he started working for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, an Emmy Award reality series.

By 22, Lemuel had started selling shows to BET and Oxygen Network. The Monique Show is one of his significant shows at BET. He created and sold the Preachers of LA (2013) show to Oxygen Network.

Lemuel could then move from living with his brother and sister-in-law to getting his own house.

Lemuel was also the producer for The Westbrooks, a drama about the lives of four sisters. The show is similar to The Kardashians. He worked with Entertainment One (EOne), a production company in its early stages, and produced the series The Sheards and Mary Mary for Entertainment One.


At 25, he started L. Plummer Media, a full-service production company based in California. Lemuel, through the production company, became famous for the following shows.

  • Preachers of Detroit, LA, and Atlanta for Oxygen Network
  • Living with Funny, which starred Michael Blackson and DeRay Davies
  • Music Moguls starring Jermaine Dupri, Snoopy Dogg, and Badman

Through L. Plummer Media, he plans to create a series on the rise and fall of Roc-A-Fella Records.

Lemuel Plummer, CEO of Zeus Network founded a media company

Lemuel Plummer, CEO of Zeus Network founded a media company

Jay Z (Shawn Carter), Kareem Burke, and Damon Dash were the co-founders of the Recording company in 1996. The recording company launched the musical careers of Jay Z and Kanye West.

Lemuel also partnered with Viola Davis and her company, JuVee Productions, in the four-part series "How To Get Away With Murder." The series details how a law professor and her students find themselves in the thick of a murder plot.

Zeus Network

Lemuel became the founder and CEO of the Zeus network in 2018. It is a subscription video-on-demand streaming network that celebrates black culture. Subscribers pay between $5.99 and $59.99 annually for different shows. The primary genre for the Zeus network is reality shows.

Lemuel "Lemmie" Plummer oversees most of the programming and is the executive producer of all the network's content. Other social media personalities such as Amanda Cerny, King Bach, and DeStorm Power are co-founders of Zeus Network.

There have been rumors that Ray J is a co-founder of Zeus Network. Ray J doesn't own Zeus Network but has produced shows for it, including One Mo' Chance and The Conversation. He later founded Tronix Network.

The Zeus network has faced much criticism for stereotyping and inaccurately representing the black community. Despite all this, the network attracts many series. Most of its popular series include:

  • Joselines Cabaret: Miami (2020)
  • The Real Blac Chyna
  • One Mo Chance
  • Bad Boys Los Angeles

Lemuel Plummer promotes Bad Boys Los Angeles

Lemuel Plummer promotes Bad Boys Los Angeles

Zeus Network's offices are in Los Angeles, where Lemuel lives with his wife, Janeisha.

Lemuel's net worth stood at $5 million in 2023 and is likely to reach $5.1 million by the end of 2024. Zeus Network is his primary source of income due to its increasing popularity for eccentric black content.

He identified and leveraged the shift in media to online and mobile platforms early enough, making it successful.

The 38-year-old CEO hesitantly admits to being a billionaire mainly because Zeus Network is worth a billion dollars. He further reveals that Zeus Network makes $60 million monthly on the lower end and can make $ 1.75 million on the upper end.

As of 2022, Zeus Network had an average of 300 million monthly views across all its platforms.

Apart from Zeus Network's income, Lemuel earned vast amounts from his earlier career in TV production, programming, advertising, and distribution. He was able to seal deals with Television networks such as Oxygen and BET, which were worth hundreds of dollars.

Personal Life

Lemuel married Janeisha Johnson. She was born on December 3, 1988, to Josephat John and Liz Torres. Janeisha was raised in the Virgin Islands and attended the University of the Virgin Islands. She has three siblings.

She was crowned Miss Virgin Islands (2010) and competed in Miss America 2008 and Miss Universe 2010. Janeisha and Lemuel met in high school and have been together ever since. After a few years of dating, they married in 2017.

Lemuel's wife, Janeisha, is an accomplished model, actress, host, and producer at Zeus Network. Her husband has supported Janeisha's career growth and personal development. As of 2024, Lemuel and Janeisha have no children.

There have been rumors that Lemuel is having an affair with Scotlynd Ryan. However, this isn't true. Scotlynd Ryan, known as "Scotty," appears on the Zeus Network Television show Baddies South.

Lemuel has skills in web design, venture capital, and digital marketing. He is 1.74m (5'8½") tall.

The Plummer Foundation

Through the Plummer Foundation, Lemuel supports underprivileged children in Detroit. He also participates in various charitable organizations focusing on youth empowerment, education, and the arts.

One of the charitable organizations that Zeus Network has supported belongs to Keturah Hamilton. In 2022, the organization received $10,000 in Los Angeles, where Keturah was staging her Feeding the Less Fortunate treat.

Lemuel Plummer founded the Plummer Foundation

Lemuel Plummer founded the Plummer Foundation

Loriel Plummer, Lemuel's sister, is the director of charitable giving. In 2023, during Thanksgiving, Lemuel and YG (multi-platinum artist and entrepreneur) came together to provide turkeys and meals to the needy residents of Compton, California.

Social Media Links

Instagram - @lemuelplummer
Twitter - @lemuelplummer

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