Phoodle Hint and Answer for Today – 13th March, 2024

By | March 13, 2024

Solution and Fun Fact

Today on 13th March 2024, the answer for Phoodle puzzle game is:


And following is the interesting fact about it.

PHOODLE FACT Necco wafers are "those barely flavored, pastel-colored, vaguely religious-looking chalky disks," Sadie Green quipped in the best-selling book "Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow"

It refers to a book that is available on amazon titled: "Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow"

Phoodle Answer 2024 March 13

Phoodle Answer 2024 March 13

How to Play

You can play phoodle simply by visiting the following website:

You have six attempts to guess a food related word. Each word will indicate whether one of its character is present in the answer word, and where. Gray color indicates that particular letter is not present in the answer word. Yellow means its present but in a different position. And green means its present in the exact same box location.

Proper instructions:

Click the question mark icon on the top left corner and a small popup box shall explain the game rules and how to play it. You have to practise a few times in order to get good at at.

Why no Hints ?

Like other word guessing games (Wordle) etc, Phoodle provides no direct clues or hints, you can to figure out the answer from probable letters and trial and error.

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