Phoodle #677 Hint and Answer for Today – March 15th, 2024

By | March 15, 2024

Phoodle is an interesting twist to the popular game - Wordle. It makes you guess a five-letter English word related to food. The word can be related to appliances, ingredients, famous chefs, dish names, and more.

Following the pattern of other word-related games, Phoodle gives you six chances to solve the answer. There are no initial clues. You can start with any word of your choice - it doesn't matter if it is food-related or not.

After you've made a guess, the tile colors change. They become gray, yellow, or green to tell you how close you are to the answer.

Phoodle Tile Colors - Meaning

  • Gray - the letter does not appear anywhere in the word
  • Yellow - the letter is used in the word but in a different spot
  • Green - the letter is used in the word and placed at the right spot

Quick Hints for Phoodle #677 Answer Today - March 15th, 2024

  • The word has five different letters.
  • It starts with 'B' and ends with 'S.'
  • It contains two vowels.
  • It is a noun and a verb.

Hint: The human body has 206 _____.

Easy now?

The answer for today's Phoodle #677 on March 15th is:


Phoodle Answer 2024 March 15

Phoodle Answer 2024 March 15

Every day, Phoodle shares a fact with its users once they get the answer.

Phoodle Fact of the Day

Chicken bones release collagen during cooking, contributing to the rich texture of chicken stock or bone broth, not to mention the potential health benefits for joints and skin, too.

Go Play Phoodle

You can play Phoodle on your smartphone or PC through its official website. It's free. And if you're fond of word games, you can also check out Wordle today, Quordle, Weaver, Dordle, and many others.

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