“Cup for a competition champion” – NYT Mini Crossword Clue – Answer and Hints

By | May 6, 2024


Regularly doing crossword puzzles provides numerous cognitive, emotional, and social benefits for your brain and overall quality of life. Sometimes a crossword clue might stump us, especially if we're not familiar with the topic or simply drawing a blank.

This clue "Cup for a competition champion, e.g." appeared in the NYT Mini Crossword on September 12, 2023. If you are stuck with the clue, we have the answer for you below.


Clue: Cup for a competition champion, e.g.
Answer: AWARD (5 letters)

Hints and Explanation

In this clue, a competition champion is likely to refer to someone who has taken first place in a contest. A cup is usually something that is used to drink out of but can also be used as something that is given as a prize in a competition.

A cup in this context usually indicates that someone has been given an award and so in this case, if paired with other solutions in the grid, the answer turns out to be AWARD.

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