15 Best free games on Ubuntu Linux

By | August 5, 2013

As linux is becoming popular more and more games are becoming available for the platform. And lots of them are already available on ubuntu.

In this post lets check out some of the most popular games on Ubuntu that are really entertaining and fun to play. Enjoy them in your free time.

1. SuperTuxKart - Racing Game

Supertuxkart is a racing game for linux. Works well on Ubuntu. Has good graphics and many tracks to choose from.
Other features including hitting other players with pancakes and big rocks. Overall is a fun. But does not have multiplayer option.

Project website

Install on Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install supertuxkart


2. Extreme Tux Racer - Puzzle Solving cum Racing

Extreme Tux Racer is more of a puzzle solving game rather than racing games. Collect various items on the tracks to increase points.

Project website

Install on Ubuntu

$ sudo apt-get install extremetuxracer

3. TORCS - The Open Racing Car Simulator - Racing Game

Project website

Install on ubuntu

sudo apt-get install torcs

4. Speed Dreams - Racing Game

Speed Dreams is a racing game similar to TORCS.

Project website

Install on ubuntu

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:speed-dreams/ppa
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install speed-dreams

5. Frozen Bubble - Puzzle Solving

Frozen bubble is one the classic linux game that has been around for a very long time. Its a puzzle game where you throw matching colored frozen bubble at each other to make them fall. There is a tux on the ground who throws the bubble up. This game even supports multiplayer.

Project website

Install on ubuntu

$ sudo apt-get install frozen-bubble

6. Alien Arena - FPS

Alient Arena is a shooting game similar to openarena and similar ones. Controls and graphics are good.

Project Website

Install on Ubuntu

$ sudo apt-get install alienarena

Check out this video of Alien Arena

7. Open Arena - FPS

OpenArena is a FPS game similar to Quake Arena of Windows. Good graphics and easy controls. But as usual these games are very violent.

Project website

Install on Ubuntu

$ sudo apt-get install openarena

8. Xonotic - FPS

Xonotic is also an FPS game similar to quake/alien arena. Free to download and play.

Project website

Download from

The same zip file contains executable for all platforms. Extract the zip file and run a suitable executable file for the platform. For example "xonotic-linux64-sdl" for 64 bit ubuntu.

If you experience flickering, then try disabling opengl on the settings > video page.

9. Cube 2 : Sauerbraten

An FPS game similar to openarena etc. Has beautifully designed maps which are more colorful than the other fps games. Cross platform game available for windows, linux and mac.

Project website

To install download from website and extract.

10. NeverBall - 3D floor tilting game

This is an interesting puzzle game where you have to guide a ball by controlling the floor underneath. The ball must move in all directions to collect the coins.

Project website

Install on ubuntu

sudo apt-get install neverball

11. Nexuiz

Nexuiz is an FPS game very similar to Xonotic.

Project website

Install on Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install nexuiz

12. Secret Maryo Chronicles - Adventure

Secret Maryo Chronicles is a super mario style 2D game that works very well on Ubuntu. Graphics are cool and the game is very entertaining.

Project website

Install on ubuntu

sudo apt-get install smc

Check out this video of mario

13. Super Tux 2 - A classic Mario style game

SuperTux 2 is also a 2d classic super mario style game, with the tux in place of mario.

Install from Synaptic Package Manager

Project website

Install on ubuntu

$ sudo apt-get install supertux

14. 0 A.D. - Strategy

Now here comes a big one. 0 A.D is the "Age of Empires" of Linux, although it is a cross platform game available for all major OSes. The game is not yet complete and is in alpha stage, however it can be played and enjoyed. The buildings are much more graphics intensive, and trees and other elements appear much more realistic. Also when moving across the map, elements nearer grow big in size and those at distance appear smaller, giving the graphics a much more realistic appearance.

It is so far my most favorite game on ubuntu, and by the time it is complete it would be more engaging and entertaining that what it is now.

Project website

Install on ubuntu

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wfg/0ad
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install 0ad

Check out this video to get a more detailed view of the game

15. Robombs - 3D bomber man

This is a fun game Robombs is a multiplayer game similar to Bomberman of the old tv video games.

Project website

Download robombs.zip from


1. Extract the contents to a directory
2. Make Robombs.sh executable by doing right click > properties and make executable.
3. Run Robombs.sh


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15 Best free games on Ubuntu Linux
  1. Bracha Frankel

    changed computers to Ubuntu 16 – had great free card games of two pack Klondike Solitaire, not succeeded in downloading any which goes with this Ubuntu. Please help me find what I need, I am not young, 79 a week ago, and this helps keep me away from Alzheimer. T hanks sooo much, Bracha

    1. wangqiyue

      You are really great! I like playing these good old games as well.If you don’t mind I would like to teach you how to configure the ubuntu environment. I am a Chinese man in my 20s. I am learning ubuntu for my computer courses.

  2. MD

    thank you soo much. Have been looking online for playable games on ubuntu but only found 2d games and even 1d. Thanks dude. This nice graphics

  3. Christian Pulgar Cofre

    the No 6 package name is alien-arena, not alienarena… to be exact. Nice list… awesome open and free games. (free as freedom, and the other free too)

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