All 5 Letter Words with S_RA_ in them – Wordle Guide

By | March 18, 2024

If you are playing word puzzles like Wordle or even some crossword like the NYT Mini Crossword, then you often need to predict a certain word by know few letters of it with position.

Over here we have prepared a quick list of words that have the following letter pattern:

S - 1st position
# - Guess the 2nd letter
R - 3rd position
A - 4th position
# - Guess the 5th letter

Its a 5 letter word and you have guess the 2nd and 5th letter.

Here is the complete list of 5 Letter words with S_RA_ letter pattern in them:


Most of the above words are of common occurence in english and you should already be familiar with their actual meaning. If you don't already know, here are the meanings:

scram - Move or climb quickly, often in a disorderly or hasty manner.
spray - Small droplets of liquid emitted forcefully from a nozzle or similar device.
strap - A strip of material used to fasten or hold something in place.
scrap - Discarded material or waste, often consisting of small pieces.
straw - Dried stalks of grain, used for bedding, thatching, or as a drinking tube.
stray - To wander or roam from the correct path or location.

There are word solver tools online that can do this, but the above list is quick and fast. To play word puzzle games check out Wordle, Phoodle, NYT Mini Crossword etc.

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