“Dublins Land” – NYT Mini Crossword Clue

By | March 29, 2024

If you too are a big fan of crosswords then you might have come across this popular clue phrased "Dublins Land". This particular clue "Dublins Land" appeared in the multiple crossword games including:

Newsday Crossword on February 25, 2024
NYT Crossword - December 28 2023

It actually appeared in many more other crossword publications. Find the answer below.


The answer is: ERIN (4-letter)

There are multiple answers:

  • ERIN (4 letters)
  • EIRE (4 letters)

Dublin is the capital of Ireland and both the words ERIN and EIRE actually some old names of Ireland that appear in ancient literature.

The Newsday Crossword is released in the newspaper and on the website. The NYT - The Crossword can be played online as well at the following url:


However note that NYT -Crossword is needs a paid subscription to play. Whereas NYT - The Mini Crossword is free to play and does not even any any signup.

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