Story of Devale Ellis – From NFL to A Successful Acting Career

By | June 1, 2024

Devale Ellis is a famous American celebrity. He is an actor, rapper, singer, and former American football player (wide receiver). He is best known for NCIS (2003), The Blacklist (2013), and Sistas (2019). He gave a stellar performance with his wife in "A Piece of Me."

Devale Ellis is an American actor

Devale Ellis is an American actor

Early Life and Education

Devale was born on April 2, 1984, in Brooklyn, New York City, to Karren Ellis and Troy Ellis. He went to James Madison High School. He participated in basketball and American football as a wide receiver and earned the nickname Devale Show Time for his outstanding performance.

After high school, he proceeded to Hofstra University, where his football talent continued to shine. Devale registered a remarkable play of 74 catches, five touchdowns, and 943 yards in Hofstra.

The actor has kept other details of his early life private.


Devale emerged as the firstborn in his family. His brother's name is Brian Ellis. The Ellis family might have athletic running in their family genes. Brian works as a high school football coach in Canarsie. As a coach, he helped the team claim PSAL Title in 2003.

Devale's younger sister is called Tori Ellis. Tori, a PhD holder, is a successful entrepreneur who runs a consulting firm. Devale's nephew, Brian's child, is Aiden. Tori has a daughter and a son, who are Devale's niece and nephew.



Devale's attempt in the 2006 NFL draft was unsuccessful. But after trying the rookie minicamp, he made it through and was signed in by the Detroit Lions as a free agent.

He was assigned to the Lions practice squad. After a few months, he upgraded to an active roster level.

Devale Ellis as an NFL player

Devale Ellis as an NFL player

During the 2008 season, Devale was out of football. He secured a future contract with the Cleveland Browns on December 31. However, he was waived in July 2009. Unfortunately, his 4 year-NFL career wasn't so successful.

He sustained a knee injury in 2007 that prompted him to use and get addicted to painkillers. And when Devale Ellis' NFL salary came to an abrupt end, he had to pursue a different dream - an acting career.


Devale Ellis began acting in the early 2010s. He took part in television series like The Mysteries of Laura, Power, Gotham, NCIS, and The Blacklist.

However, in 2019, he earned the role of a regulator in the Sistas cast series. The TV comedy series has given Devale much fame. In it, he has the recurring role of Zac, a high-tempered person, the opposite of the personality he is in real life.

Devale Ellis starred in The Sistas

Devale Ellis starred in The Sistas

After appearing in The Sistas, he gained fame and participated in numerous TV series and films. Among them are the Equalizer, Bigger, Single Black Female, and Meet Me Next Christmas

The American star has accrued a net worth of about $3 million. Most of these earnings are from acting and previous NFL career. Devale also runs a YouTube channel with his wife. It has a massive following, like his Instagram and Facebook accounts, cumulatively adding to his wealth.

Devale's wife has also garnered a significant net worth of about $2 million. Most of her earnings stem from her acting career. The couple's combined net worth has enabled them to enjoy a comfortable life.


Besides acting, Devale has authored two famous books. In one of their books, We Over Me, Devale discusses the counterintuitive approach of getting the best from a relationship.

The couple dives into the bumpy ride of their marriage and how they juggle fame, finances, and parenting. They stress the importance of communication, compromise, and commitment.

On the other hand, The Ellises and The Time Machine is a book that focuses on why black lives count, as it digs into untold American history.


Devale has been married to Khadeen Ellis since July 4, 2010. The duo began dating during their college life at Hofstra University. But after graduation, Devale proceeded to the NFL.

Ellis' wife is a talented actress and social media influencer. She is a part of films such as The Cosby Show, Makeup X Breakup, A Piece of Me: An Everyday Story, and The Business of Christmas.

After their marriage in 2010, Devale and Khadeen soon had their eldest child, Jackson Karter, in 2011. A few years later, their second child, Kairu Shakur, was born. Kaz Hendrix, the third son, was born in 2017. Devale's youngest son, Dakota Marley, was born in 2021.

Devale Ellis with his sons

Devale Ellis with his sons

Devale believes in family unity and lives under the same roof with his four kids. He appreciates the supportive role that Khadeen has played in his life.

Devale acknowledges he wouldn't have come this far if not for the supportive role of his partner, Khadeen. He stresses the importance of communication and offering service to your partner in marriage.

Social Media

Devale maintains a presence on various social media platforms. His Facebook and Instagram accounts each command over 2 million followers. At the same time, his Twitter account has a large following.

Devale and his wife together run a YouTube channel called The Ellis and also a podcast named Dead Ass. Through the channel, they share humorous content about their life, including love, wealth, and marriage. The podcast brings out their collaborative spirit and belief in maintaining strong family ties. Dead Ass has been successful and even earned Webby awards.

Devale Ellis with wife Khadeen

Devale Ellis with wife Khadeen

The couple share most of their relationship and married life on social media. But their secret to doing so successfully is discussing every post with each other before it goes live.

Personal Life

Devale's birth sign is Aries. He stands 5'11" tall and weighs about 174 pounds (79 kg). He and his wife, Khadeen, are of African-American descent.

Devale's black eyes and hair blend with his proportionally built body. His physique and commanding appearance make him fit for the athletics and modeling industry.

The actor's hobbies include photo shooting, playing football, singing, comedy, and playing cards.

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