Increase bsnl broadband download speed with these simple tricks

By | January 6, 2013

Faster internet speed is what everyone wants, so here a few tips to increase the speed of your bsnl broadband internet. The results may vary and are not guaranteed to give consistent improvement.

1. Select the fastest dns server

Select the fastest dns server for your computer. Common choices are open dns server, google dns server and bsnl dns servers. To find out the fastest dns server check this article.

2. Download large files at night time

It is generally seen that bsnl broadband speed is higher and more consistent after evening (atleast in case of NIB-2). So if you are downloading some large files, then postpone it for night time and do the normal surfing at day time.

You might see a significant difference in the average download speed at night.

3. Use torrent whenever possible

When downloading large files like movies or linux distros prefer torrent over direct ftp/http links. Torrents are peer to peer and there is no specific server to come under load so download speed is more consistent. Also if peers are "nearer" to you in terms of network latency then also download speed will be higher.

4. Use linux if possible

Internet speed on linux is slightly higher than on windows. Why ? Because internet applications and networking in linux is a lot more stable than on windows. Ubuntu is an excellent distro to use newbies and has good hardware support. In most cases it does not need any device drivers and a simple installation will get things going.

5. Use faster browser like Google Chrome

This is a common fact. Google chrome is much faster than firefox or internet explorer, both as an application and in terms of internet speed. Browsing experience is quite faster in chrome. However download speed of files will be same like other browsers.

6. Optimise your router settings

If you are using a 4mbps or higher plan on NIB-2, the connection might be very unstable and get disconnected often, leading to slower average download speed. Follow this article to fix the problem.

7. Get your cap lifted if your speed is upto the mark

If you are having a 4mbps plan and are not getting more than 2mbps peak, then your connection is probably capped. Talk to your local telephone exchange engineer to get the cap lifted. Once it is done the speed would be upto what is told in the tariff plans.

8. Upgrade to a higher speed plan

Bsnl has plenty of tariff plans from cheap to costly for all kinds of users. Most common plans now a days are the 900 and 1350 4mbps plans. So if you can spend more try out the higher speed plans and enjoy higher speed.

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Increase bsnl broadband download speed with these simple tricks

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