Connect to BSNL Broadband using Airtel Beetel 110TC1 Router

By | November 7, 2012

To connect to your bsnl broadband connection using the 110TC1 router follow the simple steps :

1. Switch on the modem , connect the ethernet wire , and connect the phoneline/adsl line.

2. Open in your browser. Use the following username password to login

username : admin
password : admin or password

It should open up the status page like this :

Status page for 110TC1

Status page for 110TC1


2. Now go to Interface Setup  > Internet. and select settings like shown in the image :

WAN Settings for 110TC1

WAN Settings for 110TC1



For Virtual Circuit PVC0 make VPI = 0 , VCI = 35.

If it says Duplicate VPI/VCI , then check the other PVC and edit them to something other than 0/35.

Select PPPOE as encapsulation type and enter your username and password and save.

Select Always On or Connect Manually.

3. Restart modem and wait for Link light on modem to become stable. It should connect after that.

Once connected , the status page should show something like this :

Thats it!!

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Connect to BSNL Broadband using Airtel Beetel 110TC1 Router
  1. Ajay Pachlangia

    I did reset my Airtel Beetel Modem(Beetel 450 TC1 WiFi ADSL Modem), now trying to connect with BSNL broadband. I followed absolve steps, selected PVC2 with VPI/VCI as 0/35. But unfortunately it’s not able to connect. Giving me status Connected but also saying invalid PPP password. When I create a Broadband connection (PPPoE Connect using DSL or Cable that requires user name and password) and pass the user/password to Broadband connection It connect me successfully. But only one user can connect at a time.

    Please help

  2. Pradeep

    Hi, I reset the modem and i’m not able to configure my modem . i’m using beetle 110TC modem and win7 os, plz help i already tried with above settings but I can see ‘Link’ light stable nor “data” light is on.

  3. Guru

    Hi Silver,
    Thanks for the detailed web site. It helped me setup the modem at home!

    I can now attempt to help anyone having trouble to setup the bsnl modem.
    Post all the details and snapshot of the issue.
    I will try my best to help you out.


  4. Shanmukha


    I got a strange error ADSL Status: ADSL Connection Failure even though i connected the phone line to modem and modem power is on.

    Please help me.

  5. Sunil Kumar

    I have beetel110tc1 brought from a computer shop for airtel broadband,
    due to some reasons i switched to bsnl now,i followed all instructions and got data link too,
    but once i restart(POWER) my modem takes airtel user id password.
    i tried updating firmware,changed dns,cleared system cache,hard resetted,restarted with factory settings still problem is not solved,
    kindly let me know the solution.
    Sunil Kumar

    1. Silver Moon Post author

      if you save the username/password in the modem then it should not change.
      it is unusual for the modem to automatically take another username/password automatically.
      may be the modem is not saving new settings properly.

  6. Vasuki Narasimha

    Somehow I got my modem connect to the internet about one or a half more year ago, after facing the exact same issue. I’m now searching for the solution. :-|

    1. cupidspeaks

      I know it is late but for everyone else. If thats the issue you are facing too then put your account number as the password.

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