Frequently Asked Questions

Over here I shall try to address some of the most frequently asked questions on this blog. These questions are often send to me over mail.

Q. Do you accept guest/paid posts

Sorry, we do not accept any kind of guest or paid posts for whatever purpose.

Q. Do you publish paid/sponsored reviews

The answer is mostly NO, but with a few exceptions. If the product is related to linux, and is relevant to the subject of this site then we might consider publishing such reviews.

Q. Can I use stuff from

All stuff on is free entirely, including code, text, images and whatever else that might be there. Go ahead and copy everything. No credits required. But if you give a backlink, it is highly appreciated.

Q. Do you accept advertisement

Yes, like others we too are money hungry people and are looking for new ways to spam our visitors with more and more ads. For more information about advertising on please visit the page on advertisement details.

Or contact us.

Q. Do you want to exchange links

No thanks. We do not want to exchange links.

Q. What theme is using

The site is using a home made theme. If you want it, just copy the css file and reconstruct the rest.

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