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At we publish how-to guides, articles and tutorials on topics related to open source software, linux, server administration and linux distributions like Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux Mint etc.

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Stats - July 2014

Here are some traffic and rank related statistics of for the time period July 2014.

Pageviews - 450,000+

binarytides google analytics stats

Top 5 countries in order of traffic - USA (21%), India(12%), Germany(5%), UK(4.5%), France(3.2%)

Traffic Source

85% - Google Organic
10% - Direct
4% - Referral
1% - Others

Social following

Twitter followers - 11,000+

Facebook fans - 7,500+

Google+ followers - 2,000+


Google Pagerank - 4
Alexa Rank (USA) < 50,000 Alexa Rank (Global) < 35,000


1. We do not accept any kind of paid posts, or reviews. So please do not send any such requests.

2. We do not provide paid tweets, facebook posts or google+ posts.

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