Dropdown terminal in ubuntu with yakuake and guake

By | August 27, 2012

Dropdown terminal is a very useful feature whereby a terminal can pop on the screen just by clicking a button like F12. These are very useful since they provide a quick way to launch the terminal when its used a lot.

To get such a terminal on ubuntu use any of the following tools


Yakuake is a dropdown terminal for KDE desktop. Pressing the F12 button will bring up the terminal.


$ sudo apt-get install yakuake

After installation it can be launched from the shortcut in K > System > Yakuake. To add new Session press Ctrl+Shift+N

To autostart yakuake on system boot add it to the list of statup programs in
System Settings > System Administration > Startup and Shutdown > Autostart


Guake (Quake style terminal) is a dropdown terminal application for the gnome desktop.


$ sudo apt-get install guake

Guake also uses the F12 key by default for launching the terminal, and this can be changed in the Guake Preferences program.


Tilda has a simpler look and is suitable for a desktop environment like xfce.


$ sudo apt-get install tilda
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