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Hack windows xp with metasploit | tutorial

By | May 8, 2013

Hack windows xp with MS08-067 exploit Using metasploit its possible to hack windows xp machines just by using the ip address of the victim machine. It does not involve installing any backdoor or trojan server on the victim machine. Metasploit does this by exploiting a vulnerability in windows samba service called ms08-67. This exploit works… Read More »

Search exploit-db exploits in backtrack

By | April 29, 2013

In penetration testing or hacking, it is a common task to search for exploits and vulnerabilities for a give platform/application. The search is done on google, or various exploit database websites. One of them is Backtrack includes lots of exploits from exploit-db in a searchable database that can be used offline. In backtrack 5… Read More »

Use sqlmap with tor proxy

By | April 23, 2013

When trying to exploit some website using sqlmap, its a good idea to be anonymous. Sqlmap has excellent support for using common proxies or tor. First start tor and ensure that it is running the socks5 daemon on port 9050. Then use the socks5 proxy with sqlmap as follows # ./ –tor –tor-type=SOCKS5 -u ""… Read More »