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Adsense tips and tricks

How to get max traffic from reddit – tips for bloggers

By | December 19, 2012

Bloggers are always looking to share links on social bookmarking websites and reddit is one of the most common. For blogs on software programming and technology reddit can send quite a lot of traffic if there is quality content on a post/page/website. Here is screenshot of a recent traffic spike, that we got from reddit…. Read More »

Increase adsense earnings by blocking low paying categories

By | September 25, 2012

One common adsense optimisation technique is to block low paying ads. The adsense interface allows users to block whole categories of ads like travel&tourism, real estate, health etc. Although the google adsense does try its best to serve the most relevant ads for a website based on its topic, keyword and content but sometimes when… Read More »

Add adsense section targeting to your wordpress blog

By | November 27, 2012

Section targeting is a method of telling the adsense engine which parts of a webpage to focus on, to select the keywords used for matching the ads to display for the content. Section targeting is considered to be effective in showing relevant ads for a website, although the results vary across websites. The process to… Read More »