Speed up menus in lxde desktop

Here is a quick trick that can speed up the main/navigation menus and menus in file manager like pcmanfm inside the lxde desktop. This trick is a setting for the gtk library.

1. Open the file named .gtkrc-2.0 in the home directory. If the file does not exist, then create one.

2. Put in the following in the file at the end

gtk-menu-popup-delay = 0
gtk-menu-popdown-delay = 0
gtk-menu-bar-popup-delay = 0
gtk-enable-animations = 0
gtk-timeout-expand = 10

Now logout and login. The menus should be very fast. The above settings actually control the user interface drawn by the gtk libraries.

Check the following page for a complete list of settings that can be mentioned in ~/.gtkrc-2.0


Last Updated On : 26th February 2013

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  • thanks ! exactly what i was looking for !

  • Excellent tip and works like a charm. Thank you very much.

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