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By | March 17, 2024

What is Repelis24

Repelis24 is sort of a free platform where you can watch a bunch of non-english movies, primarily in the Spanish, Latin and Castilian languages.

There does not seem to be a proper website for this platform yet, but doing a quick search on google shows up some of the following websites:

Cuevana / Cuevana 3 websites:

The above websites hosts a number of movies as well as tv series. It cannot be ascertained as to which is the official website of the platform and which ones are fake knock-offs. But surprisingly, all of them work and you can actually live stream and watch content.

Note that the cuevana websites are similar to the repelis24 website and serve the same content.

All the sites are in spanish language, but google chrome can translate them to english with its inbuilt translation feature and you can navigate without any hassle.

I tried playing a couple of movies and they stream quite well.

It has movies available from a variety of genres like action, adventure, drama, mystery, suspense, science fiction, romance, crime etc. There are many animation and cartoon movies available on the platform as well.

Repelis24 Watch Free Movies in Spanish

Movies from many countries are included and dubbed into spanish or latin. Great option for audience who want to listen to spanish or latin language content. As it is written - "Ver Películas Gratis en Español", which means to watch free movies in spanish.

Most of the movies are actually old ones, that are now free to watch and stream and do not require users to pay any subscription or fees.

The Repelis platform does not require users to signup or login. You can just open the website and start watching any available movie in a couple of clicks. Just make sure you have a good internet connection.

On mobile data packs or public wifi networks streaming might not work that well.

Is it safe

Repelis24 is a streaming platform and more-over as long as you do not download anything, you should be pretty fine streaming online content. Make sure that your browser is updated so that it has latest security features.

Repelis24 app/apk

There are some 3rd party hosted apk based android apps named repelis24, which you should probably not download. The sources are mostly unverified we do not know they are legit or malware.

We do not recommend downloading mobile apps outside of the official store of the respective platform.

Even if you are watching on a mobile phone, the web version should play well in browser since it uses html5 based player.

Even though I personally do not speak or understand spanish, but i really liked the readiness of the platform as to how quickly you can open and watch any title.

So have fun watching and for any other questions leave a comment below.

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