Php get zip error message from error number

By | November 24, 2011

Php functions like zip_open return an error number if they fail. To get the corresponding error message from the error number , use the following function.

function zip_error_message($errno) 
	// using constant name as a string to make this function PHP4 compatible
	$zipFileFunctionsErrors = array(
		'ZIPARCHIVE::ER_MULTIDISK' => 'Multi-disk zip archives not supported.',
		'ZIPARCHIVE::ER_RENAME' => 'Renaming temporary file failed.',
		'ZIPARCHIVE::ER_CLOSE' => 'Closing zip archive failed', 
		'ZIPARCHIVE::ER_SEEK' => 'Seek error',
		'ZIPARCHIVE::ER_READ' => 'Read error',
		'ZIPARCHIVE::ER_WRITE' => 'Write error',
		'ZIPARCHIVE::ER_CRC' => 'CRC error',
		'ZIPARCHIVE::ER_ZIPCLOSED' => 'Containing zip archive was closed',
		'ZIPARCHIVE::ER_NOENT' => 'No such file.',
		'ZIPARCHIVE::ER_EXISTS' => 'File already exists',
		'ZIPARCHIVE::ER_OPEN' => 'Can't open file', 
		'ZIPARCHIVE::ER_TMPOPEN' => 'Failure to create temporary file.', 
		'ZIPARCHIVE::ER_ZLIB' => 'Zlib error',
		'ZIPARCHIVE::ER_MEMORY' => 'Memory allocation failure', 
		'ZIPARCHIVE::ER_CHANGED' => 'Entry has been changed',
		'ZIPARCHIVE::ER_COMPNOTSUPP' => 'Compression method not supported.', 
		'ZIPARCHIVE::ER_EOF' => 'Premature EOF',
		'ZIPARCHIVE::ER_INVAL' => 'Invalid argument',
		'ZIPARCHIVE::ER_NOZIP' => 'Not a zip archive',
		'ZIPARCHIVE::ER_INTERNAL' => 'Internal error',
		'ZIPARCHIVE::ER_INCONS' => 'Zip archive inconsistent', 
		'ZIPARCHIVE::ER_REMOVE' => 'Can't remove file',
		'ZIPARCHIVE::ER_DELETED' => 'Entry has been deleted',
	$error_message = 'unknown';
	foreach ($zipFileFunctionsErrors as $constName => $em)
		if( defined($constName) and constant($constName) === $errno )
			$error_message = $em;
	$message = 'Zip File Function error: '.$em;
	return $message;

The list of Zip constants is available here :

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