“The Facts in the Case of ___” (Andrew Sinclair novel that pays homage to a mystery writer) – NYT Crossword Clue

By | June 26, 2024


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This clue, "The Facts in the Case of ___," (Andrew Sinclair novel that pays homage to a mystery writer), appeared in the NYT Crossword on May 18, 2023. If you are stuck with this clue, we have the answer for you below.


Clue: The Facts in the Case of ___ (Andrew Sinclair novel that pays homage to a mystery writer)
Answer: EAPOE (5 letters)

Hints and Explanation

British author Andrew Sinclair wrote a book in 1979 titled The Facts in the Case of E. A. Poe that explores the mystery surrounding the death of Edgar Allan Poe and imagines him solving a mystery involving his death.

The title of Sinclair's book is the title of one of Poe's famous short stories, "The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar." So, in this particular crossword, if paired with other solutions in the grid, the answer turns out to be "EAPOE."

Crossword Clues on May 18, 2023

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