Compile wxwebconnect on Ubuntu 11.04 64 bit

By | February 2, 2012

wxwebconnect is a control for wxwidgets that allows to embed a gecko browser in a wxwidgets application.

So lets try to install it on Ubuntu 11.04

wxWidgets can be installed from synaptic. Look for packages called libwxgtk2.8-*

1. Download wxwebconnect source from
Extract them in home directory. Inside the webconnect directory you would see directories like webconnect , xr and testapp.

2. Over here create a directory called wxWidgets. Download wxwidgets 2.8.12 from here
wxGTK for Ubuntu.

3. Extract wxwidgets inside /home/user/webconnect-1.1/wxWidgets

4. You would also need libgtk2.0-dev first, so installed it from synaptic. Now do a ./configure and make for wxwidgets
Once this process is over wxwidgets should be build.

5. Now do a make inside /home/user/webconnect-1.1/webconnect

6. Now do a make inside /home/user/webconnect-1.1/testapp.

7. Now everything is compiled. But one this still remains is xulrunner. You need xulrunner 1.9.x . The one available on Mozilla website will not work. So lets do a trick. Install the xulrunner-1.9.2 package from synaptic.

It will install all xulrunner files in /usr/lib/xulrunner- or a similar location. Go there and copy everything. First empty the /home/user/webconnect-1.1/xr directory and then paste everything here.

8. Now go inside testapp and execute the testapp binary which we created a while back. It should run and open webpages fine.

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