How to check if the virtualbox guest additions are installed in a linux guest

By | October 25, 2013

Virtualbox guest additions allow better integration between the host and guest operating systems like seamless copy/paste, flexible screen resolution of the guest os etc.

If your guest OS is a linux like ubuntu or fedora and you want to check if virtualbox guest additions are installed or not then you can use this simple command

$ lsmod | grep -i vbox

If the vbox modules are loaded they're installed and working. If nothing appears then probably virtualbox guest additions are not installed.

The output could be something like this for example

$ lsmod | grep -i vbox
vboxvideo              12612  1 
drm                   264190  2 vboxvideo
vboxsf                 43659  0 
vboxguest             214867  7 vboxsf
Last Updated On : 25th October 2013

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