Myron Golden – American Business Growth Consultant and Author

By | June 1, 2024

Myron Golden is an American entrepreneur, business growth consultant, motivational business speaker and author. He is best known for his unique application of biblical principles for business growth.

His humble beginnings as a garbage man, to his status today as millionaire entrepreneur, inspires many of his followers.

Entrepreneur and coach Myron Golden

Entrepreneur and coach Myron Golden

Early life and childhood

Myron was one of seven brothers to his parents. He describes his parents as hardworking but poor. He was born in 1961 in a segregated hospital in Tampa, Florida. Owing to the lack of proper sanitation, he contracted polio as an infant. On his left leg, he continues to wear a metal brace.

When he was 13 years old, he underwent surgery to improve his walking condition, but continued to need metal braces for support. His experience dealing with polio and his inability to run often features in his speeches to inspire people.

In spite of his physical challenges, he obtained a black belt in martial arts. He recalls that the only books he would have read entirely as a kid would have been comics or those about karate – which he was a fan of.

Myron has said in interviews that he was a good student until Grade III, after which things went downhill. Two weeks before his graduation, he says he quit school due to an argument with the Pastor of a Christian school. He says he ultimately managed to graduate.

There is no credible source of information about the school or college he went to, or the university he received his doctoral degree from.


Growth consultant Business growth consultant Myron Golden with daughter Deedee Breski

Business growth consultant Myron Golden with daughter Deedee Breski

Myron lives with Tonie Golden, his wife of over 35 years, in Florida. Deedee Breski, his daughter, is an NLP Trainer and Hypnotherapist. Myron’s son Anthony Golden is considered a marketing expert and filmmaker. Both have teamed up with Myron for his live events.

Recently, Myron revealed that he had another son, who tragically passed away. He described watching his son die in a hospital room, and being unable to do anything about it, as the toughest thing he has experienced.

Early entrepreneurship

Myron coaches thousands of entrepreneurs today, to make big-ticket sales in the short term. His first such experience came as a freshman in college – he bought a car for 50 dollars during summer, and sold it for 300 dollars right before heading back to college. This led him to buy old cars, fix them up and sell them for a profit. He calls it his first entrepreneurial endeavor.

He then started off driving a trash truck, getting $6.25 an hour. As a side hustle, in 1985, he started out selling insurance and investments. But he says he was so bad at it that he did not make a sale for 18 months. After that, he got a check for $125 dollars, and said he knew he was going to make it.

Another turning point in his career was in 1999, when he accidentally made $6,000 a week. This taught him it was easier to make more money in a shorter period, than little money over a longer period. This is why he emphasizes on making high-ticket sales. In 2023, on average, he earned $40,000 a day.


Using his experience in multi-level marketing, Myron launched his coaching business in 2003. He started off selling audio cassettes with his lessons, and then went digital. Today, Myron is the owner of Skillionaire Enterprises Inc, Golden Enterprises and MG Ventures.

He offers workshops, bootcamps, lectures and growth coaching to entrepreneurs to level up their business. In his words, he teaches people to make millions of dollars from a stage.

Although he is a successful business coach, Myron says he has been broke for a majority of his life. He was 45 years old when he had his first million dollar year. His net worth today is said to be $25 million, and he famously charges $25,000 an hour as consultation fee.

Business coach Myron Golden

Business coach Myron Golden

Among Myron’s many roles, one is that of a digital real estate professional. He uses this experience to transform the journey of those seeking to build wealth in real estate. Myron is also considered a songwriter and record label owner.

Biblical influences

What sets Myron apart from the many business growth coaches is his ability to offer business insights using Biblical learnings. Myron firmly believes the Bible offers complete details on how to start, run and grow a business.

His love for the Bible was kindled when he was handed over a copy when he was 17 years old. In it, he says he found not religion but practical advice for day-to-day life.

His writings and speeches are dotted with Biblical incidents, lessons and inspirations – these make him both a Christian speaker and a business consultant rolled into one.

Myron is hugely inspired by King Solomon and his life, and describes him as the wisest and wealthiest king on earth. He has designed a coaching program using business strategy from the King, as detailed in the Bible.

In 2023, Myron launched the Bible Success Academy, to explain Biblical principles and their practical application to improve the lives of people.


Myron Golden has published several books focused on helping readers achieve business growth. His most popular work remains 'From the Trash Man to the Cash Man- How anyone can get rich starting from anywhere'.

This is an easy-to-read book to train readers in financial literacy, and has sold over 139,000 copies worldwide. His other popular book includes "B.O.S.S. Moves", and Line ‘em up and Sign ‘em up.


Myron’s Skillionaire Enterprises features in the Inc. 5000 list, and ranked 428 in 2023.

Social Media

Myron effectively uses social media to share business wisdom nuggets. On YouTube and Instagram, he has 666,000 subscribers.


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