Best php ide and web development tools on ubuntu

By | July 21, 2012

There are a lot of IDEs for ubuntu for doing php related web development. Lets see a few.

Aptana Studio

Supports PHP, Ruby, Python and more. Autosuggest dropdowns available, Integrated preview available.

Project website

Install on ubuntu
Download from


Quanta is the Dreamweaver of Linux. However it is not developed anymore.

As of Ubuntu 11.10 Quanta is no more available from synaptic.
Check this article to learn how to install it


Netbeans was earlier an IDE primarily for Java, but slowly added support for many other languages including PHP.

Install on ubuntu

sudo apt-get install netbeans

Eclipse PDT

Eclipse IDE also has support for PHP development through the Php Development Tools.

Install on Ubuntu

$ sudo apt-get install eclipse

After installing eclipse, start it and go to Help > Check for Updates
When the "Check for Updates" process completes, go to Help > Install New Software
In the Install dialog box, selec the update site and then the list of available plugins would be available. From the list look for the section called Programming Languages and in that look for PHP development tools. Select it and install it.

After the installation eclipse will restart. Then in the File > New > Project option there should be an option for PHP project.

Last Updated On : 21st July 2012

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