Validate domain name using filter_var function in php

The filter_var function of php is capable of validating many things like emails, urls, ip addresses etc. It does not have a direct option to validate a domain name however. So I coded up this little snippet that the filter_var function with a little tweak so that it can validate domain names as well.

function filter_var_domain($domain)
	if(stripos($domain, 'http://') === 0)
		$domain = substr($domain, 7); 
	///Not even a single . this will eliminate things like abcd, since http://abcd is reported valid
	if(!substr_count($domain, '.'))
		return false;
	if(stripos($domain, 'www.') === 0)
		$domain = substr($domain, 4); 
	$again = 'http://' . $domain;
	return filter_var ($again, FILTER_VALIDATE_URL);

Now use it as

//Not a valid domain name

Last Updated On : 21st March 2013

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  • is considered a valid domain by this function.

  • This code example is bad and should not be used! It is a genuent security risk!

    Shit like this returns a valid result:

    @Felipe Braz’s solution is not as insecure as the Posters.

    Blog posts and “solutions” are the reason PHP get a bad rep. So please remove this post so less experienced coders don’t use this in their application.

  • Works for me!

    also its return full valid url when success…

  • I’m using: filter_var(‘[email protected]’.$domain, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL); =)

    • That is smart , what works for emails works for domains

  • thanks for the snippet you save my time..

    do you have more code snippet for check valid tld cause its still say something like this “domainexample.helloworld is a valid domain name!”

  • its working fine but need some tld validation cause testing something like this “ is a valid domain name!”

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