Saidar is a simple system monitoring tool for Linux

By | March 14, 2014


For a system admin, its always exciting to learn new commands to monitor system resources, and here is a new one. Its called Saidar and is a very small tool. Even simpler than Nmon and Glances. It displays a small screen full of statistics on a variety of system resources that you might want to monitor.

Saidar is a part of the libstatgrab suite.

The man page definition is ...

saidar  is  a  curses-based  tool for viewing the system statistics available through libstatgrab. Statistics include CPU, processes, load, memory, swap, network I/O, disk I/O, and file system information.

The output keeps updating at an interval and looks similar to this

Hostname  : enlightened    Uptime : 00:59:01          Date : 2014-01-20 10:58:01

Load 1    :   0.60   CPU Idle  :  86.40%  Running   :     2   Zombie    :     4
Load 5    :   0.66   CPU System:   1.11%  Sleeping  :   301   Total     :   346
Load 15   :   0.79   CPU User  :  12.48%  Stopped   :    39   No. Users :     5

Mem Total :   7975M  Swap Total:   1951M  Mem Used  : 89.26%  Paging in :     0
Mem Used  :   7119M  Swap Used :      0B  Swap Used :  0.00%  Paging out:     0
Mem Free  :    856M  Swap Free :   1951M  Total Used: 71.71%

Disk Name      Read         Write         Network Interface        rx        tx
sda              0B            0B         eth0                    35B       70B
                                          lo                       0B        0B
Total            0B            0B
                                          Mount Point            Free      Used

Install saidar on ubuntu/fedora/centos

Ubuntu/Debian ...

$ sudo apt-get install saidar

Fedora/CentOS ...

$ sudo apt-get install statgrab-tools

Using Saidar

Launch saidar by simply typing the name.

$ saidar

The refresh delay is 3 seconds by default and can be changed using the "-d" parameter.

$ saidar -d 1

Saidar can also color the output using the "-c" option.

Getting help

Use the help option to get details about supported options.

$ saidar -help
Usage: saidar [-d delay] [-c] [-v] [-h]

  -d    Sets the update time in seconds
  -c    Enables coloured output
  -v    Prints version number
  -h    Displays this help information.

Report bugs to <[email protected]>.


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