Wordle #1002 Hints and Answer for Today – March 17th, 2024

By | March 17, 2024

Is it time for another game of Wordle? Yes, it is.

Wordle #1002 is out, and we're here to give you the best tips, hints, and clues to guess the right answer.

Scroll down below to get the answer instantly, or read on to get some clues that tap your thinking skills and help you solve the puzzle yourself.

What's the Best Wordle Opener?

The best word to start your Wordle guesses is the one that speaks to you. So, you can start with any five-letter word of your choice. But if you want to play it strategically, it is a good idea to start with a word which has at least two different vowels and some common consonants like N, S, T, and R.

Quick Hints and Clues

  • It starts with the letter 'S.'
  • It ends with the letter 'T.'
  • There is one vowel only.
  • It is a verb.

Hint: When people or animals breathe air noisily out through their noses, they ______.

Wordle #1002 Answer for Today - March 17th, 2024

If those clues and your attempts still haven't helped you arrive at the answer, we've got it for you.

Drumroll please!!

The answer is..


Wordle Answer 2024 March 17

Wordle Answer 2024 March 17

We got the answer in 4/6 attempts because there was the possibility of another word with the same four letters we had guessed earlier. Kudos to you, if you got it right in 3/6 attempts. Don't get disheartened if you got it right in 6/6 attempts. You'll do better tomorrow.

Keep practicing, keep playing, and keep maintaining your streak on Wordle!

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