Top Monitor Brands and Series – Asus, Samsung, LG, HP and more

By | June 7, 2021

Whether you are working on something that requires high color accuracy, doing some productive work on multiple applications, browsing the web, or catching up on your favorite game, having a dependable monitor will come in handy.

If you’re doing basic tasks, just about any monitor will serve you well. But I am sure you need something that will offer a great viewing experience and seamless integration with your system.

Cutting across the board from budget to premium panels, we have rounded up some of the top monitor brands that we think you should know about.

Our Picks for Top Monitor Brands

  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Asus
  • BenQ
  • Acer
  • Dell
  • AOC
  • ViewSonic
  • Sceptre
  • HP

1. LG

LG is a well-known electronics manufacturer and they do make some eye-catching monitors. Some of their top-of-the-line products feature things like OLED displays with deep blacks and vibrant colors. The best part is, you can get a monitor for just about any use case. Here is a series we think you should check out.

1.1 UltraGear

UltraGear represents a series of high-performance gaming monitor models. With these, you can get very low 1ms response rates and refresh rates of 144Hz and above. UltraGear monitors come with a crisp IPS display of varying sizes, depending on the brand, and compatibility with technologies such as NVIDIA G-Sync or MD FreeSync.

The UltraGear 38GL950G is a 38-inch monitor that has a Nano IPS display with an aspect ratio of 21:9 and a resolution of 3840x1600 pixels. It can hit maximum refresh rates of 175Hz with overclocking, ensuring you get smooth video quality.

LG 38” UltraGear 21:9 Curved WQHD Monitor

LG 38” UltraGear 21:9 Curved WQHD Monitor

With the Sphere Lighting 2.0 technology, you can sync the RGB light at the back to the video on your screen for a more immersive experience, which is also accented by the thin bezels and the curved display.

The 27-inch UltraGear 27GP83B-B has a resolution of 2560x1440 and a 98% DCI-P3 color gamut. The panel is made of nano IPS and it supports HDR10. For smoother gaming, it is also compatible with both AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync. It has a 1ms response time with a refresh rate of 165Hz.

2. Samsung

If you are looking for a monitor that performs superbly and stands out, we recommend checking Samsung out.

They have devices across various tiers, from affordable to premium, and the features match what you’d expect. For massive productivity tasks or extreme gaming, we recommend checking out the Odyssey series.

2.1 Samsung Odyssey

Odyssey G9 has a futuristic design with an infinity LED ring at the back and a 1800R screen for an immersive experience. The displays use QLED (Quantum dot Light Emitting Diode) technology which results in sharper and more vivid pictures.

The Odyssey G7 has a 240Hz refresh rate and is ideal for use by competitive gamers. It also has a very low 1ms response rate. The G7 comes with Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync compatibility, both features reduce lags and stuttering, thereby improving the gaming experience.

Samsung 32" Odyssey G7 Gaming Monitor

Samsung 32" Odyssey G7 Gaming Monitor

At the back of the G7 is a lighting fixture that adds to the monitor’s aesthetic. There’s a 27-inch and 32-inch G7 depending on what a person needs.

The G5 is the lower-spec model in the Odyssey lineup but it's still highly performant. It has a 240Hz refresh rate and a low 4ms response time. Its screen measures 27 inches which is a good size. With the 1500R wide curvature, you get a stylish look, while the 1920x1080 resolution makes the content stand out. It is also G-Sync compatible for competitive gaming.

3. Asus

ASUS offers monitors for all occasions. Users who are into gaming can go with the TUF series and for the more professional users with a need for lots of color accuracy, the ProArt is the series to beat.

  • TUF Gaming
  • ProArt Display

3.1 TUF Gaming

You get lots of affordable high-quality gaming monitors from the TUF Gaming lineup, and they come with impressive features. From smaller to much wider screens to high refresh rates, these will cover your gaming needs.

The TUF Gaming VG34VQL1B features a curved screen and a refresh rate of over 240Hz, though the base is 144Hz. It also has a 1ms response rate and supports both FreeSync and G-sync. The screen measures 34 inches and has a resolution of 3440x1440 and supports HDR. There are various HDMI and Display ports, making it possible to connect to numerous devices.

TUF Gaming VG34VQL1B Monitor

TUF Gaming VG34VQL1B Monitor

The VG247Q1A is a more affordable model from this series. It has a 23.8-inch screen with a 1920x1080 resolution, a low response time of 1ms, and reduced motion blur for a good viewing experience on a budget. You can connect it to your computer as well as other devices through one of the many available ports. I also won’t forget to mention that it has a 165Hz refresh rate.

3.2 Asus ProArt Display

Our pick for the best monitor series for video and graphic professionals is the ProArt. Monitors from this lineup are geared towards content creators with the need for high color accuracy and I’m telling you, these devices don’t slack in that department.

With 4K HDR support, images on these panels appear crisp and accurate. This is also because they support various color spaces, including Adobe RGB and DCI-P3. They’re also calibrated for color accuracy straight from the factory.

The ProArt PA329C has a 4K UHD screen with a 100% Adobe RGB color gamut. It is ideal for graphics professionals, and the large 32-inch screen makes it better for productivity. What makes it even better for professional work is the 100,000,000:1 contrast ratio which results in very true-to-life colors. You can calibrate it to your liking and save your preferred color profiles on the monitor’s internal storage.

Asus ProArt Display PA329C 4K HDR Professional Monitor

Asus ProArt Display PA329C 4K HDR Professional Monitor

In my opinion, the PQ22UC with the OLED screen and 4K resolution would be an excellent choice for a secondary monitor. Its screen measures 21.6 inches, yet it has high color accuracy and an ultra-low response rate of 0.1ms. It is easily portable, so you can use it on the go, and to enhance the overall viewing experience, support for Dolby Vision is also included.

4. BenQ

We can hardly go through this list without mentioning BenQ. They offer some very affordable monitors with great specs and some environmentally-friendly features.

For the business line, we have the BenQ BL series.

4.1 BenQ BL

The monitors are environmentally friendly with minimal power usage, which can result in cost savings for the business. They are also eye-friendly. They come with eye-care technologies which reduce stress on your eyes even when looking at the screen for extended periods. The reduced strain is bound to positively impact productivity

It can handle various orientations for flexible viewing by adjusting the hinge. Furthermore, users get wide viewing angles thanks to the panels being IPS.

BenQ BL2780T is a 27-inch model with 6.63mm bezels on the sides. Its display resolution is 1920x1080, and it has a proprietary Low Blue Light technology from BenQ which relieves eye strain.

BL2780T 27" FHD Business Monitor

BL2780T 27" FHD Business Monitor

The large screen can be great for productivity, especially if you are tiling your windows. It also comes with the stand included in the box as well as multiple HDMI ports, which enhances your connectivity options.

The BL2480, on the other hand, has a 23.8-inch screen and a Full HD resolution. It comes with integrated eye care technology that manages the display’s brightness smartly to reduce eye strain. Its got thin bezels, a textured plastic shell, and a wide 178-degree viewing angle, all while managing to fetch an affordable price.

5. Acer

Acer has been making monitors for quite some time, and it shows in the kinds of displays they put out there for consumers.

You get varied screen sizes depending on your needs, very high contrast ratios and color accuracy for some of their premium listings, and high response times and refresh rates for those looking for a gaming unit.

5.1 Acer Predator XB1

There are three devices in the Predator XB1 lineup. They come with high-resolution screens and other features like G-sync for smoother gaming. What's more, these monitors have striking visuals with a black chassis and red accents on the stands and the frames.

The XB271HU is a 27-inch screen model with a 2560x1440 WQHD screen. This means that items on the screen appear sharper and gaming at this resolution would result in a better experience.

Acer Predator XB271HU bmiprz 27" WQHD Monitor

Acer Predator XB271HU bmiprz 27" WQHD Monitor

The monitor has a 4ms response time which is great for gaming. It also has a 144Hz refresh rate and support for G-Sync. It isn't very bright, though, and at 350 Nits, so you might need to avoid using it in very brightly lit rooms.

On the other hand, we have the XB241H, a 24-inch model with a 1920x1080 resolution display. It is great for entry-level gaming as well as productive work and has a wide viewing angle of up to 170 degrees. This one also supports G-sync and has a 144Hz display. You get a display port and HDMI for connecting to your computer.

6. Dell

We all know Dell from some of their other electronics like laptops. They also make some good monitors. Their naming scheme can tell you a lot about their monitors, for example, if the model number starts with a U, it means that’s one of the Ultrasharp monitors, and P refers to the professional-grade models.

6.1 Dell Ultrasharp

This series has monitors that range from basic affordable units to the more premium and beefed-out models. Due to the sheer number of models in the series, you can get a monitor for work, media consumption, and even gaming.

The UltraSharp PremierColor UP3017 is a premium model for professionals. It comes with an accurate color calibration straight from the factor as well as a wide color gamut which is ideal for graphics professionals. This covers DCI-P3, Adobe RGB, and REC709 among others. It is even easy to calibrate manually if you need to make your settings.

Dell UltraSharp PremierColor UP3017 Monitor

Dell UltraSharp PremierColor UP3017 Monitor

The screen is a 30-inch IPS panel with up to 1.07 billion colors and a resolution of 2560x1600 running at about 60Hz. At the back are two HDMI ports, a mini-Display, and a full Display port which will let you connect the monitor even to some older devices.

For an even wider setup, you can go with the U3421WE. It has a curved 34-inch screen that is bound to fit multiple full-size windows all at once and can result in an improvement in your productivity.

It comes with a USB 3.2 Hub, along with various other connectivity options. Furthermore, it has a resolution of 3440x1440 with an aspect ratio of 21:9 to cater to its width. With a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a response time of about 5ms, you can hardly get a better monitor for productivity.

7. AOC

While it may not be as popular as some of the more common top brands, AOC does deliver some reliable panels that fit various use cases. If you want a wide-screen behemoth, they have it, or if you just want a simple panel for home use, you can find that too. It all depends on what you’re looking for.


The AGON series, at first glance, appears to be gamer-centric. This can be attributed to features such as a 144Hz refresh rate and low response rates. But, while that is often the case with many of the devices in this series, you can just as well get a good model for basic home use or productivity.

If you're a fan of large, widescreen panels, I don't think you'd want to miss this - the AG493UCX. For starters, it measures 49 inches and the panel has a whopping 5120x1440 resolution. Couple that with a 1ms response rate and a 120Hz refresh rate and you get a very immersive panel for all your gaming needs.

AOC AGON Curved Gaming Monitor (AG493UCX)

AOC AGON Curved Gaming Monitor (AG493UCX)

It features various connectivity options including USB, HDMI 2.0, display port 1.4, and a Type-C USB 3.2 for mobile devices that support docking.

The widescreen also means you can have many windows up and running side by side without losing too much information. It has a 1800R curve that makes it easy to see everything on the screen.

The AG251FZ is a much smaller unit that boasts a more forgiving price tag. It has a 1920x1080 resolution display that measures 25 inches and supports about 16.7 million colors. This unit is best suited for people who want to game on a budget or are looking for a productivity machine.

8. ViewSonic

ViewSonic has monitors ranging from affordable basic monitors to some that are more premium. On top of that, you get offers like a dual-pack with some models. This is where you get two monitor heads in the pack, making it easier to start off your dual-monitor setup.

8.1 VP Series

The ViewSonic VP series is the line that is aimed mostly at professionals. The monitors vary in a lot of things but come with various tweaks to make them appeal to people who need professional-grade quality from their monitors.

The VP3881 is a 38-inch curved monitor from this series and at first glance, it stands out because of its size and very narrow bezels. The IPS display is an ultrawide 3840x1600 panel with 100% sRGB coverage and a hardware color calibration feature.

It has a 21:9 aspect ratio and the curve has a rating of 2300R. The color accuracy and size of this monitor make it ideal for professional video editors, and by having inbuilt speakers, you get a lot more from it. It has HDMI, Display, and USB ports at the back, ensuring high connectivity.

ViewSonic VP3881 Curved Ultra-Wide Monitor

ViewSonic VP3881 Curved Ultra-Wide Monitor

With the VP2785-4K, as the name suggests, you get a 27-inch 4K resolution panel with an ergonomic stand and hardware color calibration. It has also got a wide color gamut, covering 100% of Adobe RGB and 95% of DCI-P3. This makes it very ideal for graphic designers and even video editors.

It comes fully calibrated for color accuracy from the factory, making it easy for the user, and the screen can reproduce up to 4.39 trillion colors. It has an inbuilt KVM switch that lets you control certain connected devices through the monitor, thus reducing unnecessary clutter and peripherals.

9. Sceptre

Sceptre monitors are known for being affordable while delivering a decent viewing experience. They are some of the best monitors for people who are on a budget and the reason is that you can get high refresh rates, curved screens, and even high-resolution displays without breaking the bank.

9.1 C-Series

The 27-inch Sceptre C278W has a full HD screen at 1920x1080 resolution. For an even more immersive viewing experience, it has a 1800R curve which also gives it an attractive appearance.

Sceptre 27" Curved 75Hz LED Monitor (C278W)

Sceptre 27" Curved 75Hz LED Monitor (C278W)

It has a 75Hz refresh rate which makes gaming a bit smoother and works well for productivity, compared to the basic 60Hz monitors. Other than that, there's an abundance of connectivity options with the availability of a Display Port, VGA port, and HDMI. It also has inbuilt speakers and a metallic back for more durability and a premium feel.

The C248B-144R is a much smaller cousin to the C278W. It has a smaller 24-inch display but comes with tweaks that make gaming on it much better. First, the refresh rate is at 144Hz which is very smooth. It also supports AMD FreeSync for a better visual response and has HDMI, a Display, and a DVI port for external connections. Its resolution stands at 1920x1080.

10. HP

HP is a popular household name for good reasons, they make good products. Their monitors, too, are a testament to their quality. Needless to say, they do make monitors from low to mid and even high-end users and what you get should reflect your needs and your budget. With lots of monitors to choose from here, let me tell you about their Z-series.

10.1 HP Z Display

Here you find monitors that are great for productivity and can add value to any home or office setup. With the Z-series, you can get a device with a low response rate, high resolution, and a nice large screen to fit all your multitasking needs.

The Z27K G3 is a productivity monitor and you can tell from the large screen and ergonomic design which lets you work with minimal strain and fatigue.

It has a 4K resolution which ensures that content on the screen is sharper and more vibrant, and thanks to its full coverage of the sRGB color space, you get accurate color reproduction for features that require it.

It has a USB Type-C port that supports power delivery, and a 27-inch screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio and a 178-degree wide viewing angle for optimal viewing experience.

The Z24f G3, on the other hand, has a 24-inch screen with a 1920x1080 resolution. It also features a 1000:1 contrast ratio which is okay for basic productivity, and the 300 nit brightness is good for viewing, just not in a very brightly lit room.

HP Z24f G3 FHD Display

HP Z24f G3 FHD Display

There are two display ports at the back, along with an HDMI port and 4 USB A ports, making connectivity very easy.


When shopping for a monitor, you should have the features you need in mind because it’s easy to get lost in the sea of options. Here I’ve shown you some of the top monitors you can expect to see and even some monitor series you should look out for.

The screen resolution is something you need to seriously consider. Color reproduction performance is necessary for professionals in the video and graphics industry, but enthusiasts and gamers can benefit from it too.

Some features like G-Sync and FreeSync appeal more to gamers, so do high refresh rates and faster response times.

Size is very subjective and depends on the user's needs, so is the looks of the monitor; some like the Odyssey line have some very unique designs. Most importantly, budget. It's quite easy to overspend on features you don't need or cut corners and end up missing valuable features. We recommend considering all these things beforehand.

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