Share your tata photon connection across multiple pc on lan

By | February 14, 2013

Tata photon is a popular wireless internet connection in India. It uses a plug-play usb modem that can be attached to any laptop or netbook to put it online. The wireless usb device acts like a modem that connects to tata photon towers to provide internet access. Connectivity is good in cities like kolkata, however speed is still very limited to around 1 mbps. Best thing about it is that it is very portable and works on windows, linux(ubuntu), and macs.


So it might happen that you have multiple pcs on a LAN and want all of them to get connected to internet via the tata photon device. This is quite simple but would require some hardware. In this example we shall use a windows netbook/laptop.

Internet Connection sharing

1. Connect all your pcs to the LAN via some switch. Connect this extra laptop also to the LAN via the switch. Laptops mostly have an ethernet port and wifi port as well.

2. Now put in the photon device in the laptop and connect it to the internet. Then go to Network configuration in Start Menu > Control Panel and check the Tata photon connection. Right click it and go to properties and check for the Internet sharing tab. In there enable Internet connection sharing.

3. Then configure your ethernet device and set its ip address to and netmask to

4. Now all computers can use this laptop as the Default Route to connect to the internet. So for example you have 2 pcs

Each of them should have as the default route and set the dns servers correctly (for example,

Now the entire LAN should be able to access internet via the tata photon device. So have fun!

Last Updated On : 14th February 2013

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