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By | July 10, 2012 is the new tool to run and play with php code online. Can be used to test small php code quickly and effectively, without the need to install anything. Runs off the browser, but does need an internet connection.


1. Runs code on Php 5.4+

2. Supports most extensions and functions. (Like curl, gd, sqlite etc)

3. Allows html output and interactive form that can submit to themselves and process data.

4. Interactive Code library that has lots of useful snippets and tutorials that can be run live and tested. Users can add their own snippets as well.

5. Code syntax highlighting.

6. Supports many third party libraries like mpdf, tcpdf etc.

7. Can be used as a pastebin as well.

Its still in alpha stage of development but is usable and cool thing to play with.
So try it out today now >>

Last Updated On : 10th July 2012

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