Run multiple instances of skype 4.0 on ubuntu

By | May 29, 2013

Prior to version 4.0 multiple instances of skype could be started just by clicking the same Skype icon again and again.
But in version 4.0 the steps are a bit different.


1. Install skype.

2. Skype stores its data in the directory $HOME/.Skype or ~/.Skype .
So create 2 copies of this directory and name them as ~/.Skype.first and ~/.Skype.second

3. Launch skype as :

$ skype --dbpath=~/.Skype.first
$ skype --dbpath=~/.Skype.second

This will launch 2 instances of skype with the corresponding data directories. Use the same commands to create launchers on the desktop.

Last Updated On : 29th May 2013

7 thoughts on “Run multiple instances of skype 4.0 on ubuntu

  1. Joef Clarin


    I did everything on the instruction but it’s still opens one skype instance.

    I copied it this way:
    cp -r ~/.Skype ~/.Skype.first
    cp -r ~/.Skype ~/.Skype.second

        1. Chess Master

          There is syntactic error. The commands are:
          skype –dbpath=~/.Skype.first
          skype –dbpath=~/.Skype.second

          Difference is:
          -dbpath (wrong with only 1 -)
          –dbpath (right with 2 -)

          1. Chess Master

            Do not copy the commands, because with copy you will get only 1 – .They must be 2 – . Or if you want to copy the command just add another – before dbpath and everything should be ok.

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