Install Postgresql, phpPgAdmin and pgadmin on Ubuntu

By | March 25, 2009

Install Postgresql , phpPGAdmin and pgadmin 3 can be installed from synaptic. $ sudo apt-get install postgresql phppgadmin pgadmin3 After installation some configuration needs to be done. First of all setup the password of the user ‘postgres’ which is the default user of postgresql. Type the following in the terminal $ sudo -u postgres psql… Read More »

Install Apache Tomcat 5.5 on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy

By | March 21, 2009

To install and run Tomcat on Ubuntu (8.04 over here) the following packages should be installed from synaptic : 1. tomcat5.5 2. tomcat5.5-webapps 3. sun-java6-jdk They can be installed from command line using the command sudo apt-get After synaptic finishes installing them open /etc/default/tomcat5.5 and edit it as follows : Find : #JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun Change :… Read More »

Access Windows File Sharing from Ubuntu

By | March 21, 2009

Some GUI tools that can be used to access windows shares (SMB) are : 1. xSMBrowser2. Smb4K3. TkSmb Get them all from Synaptic. They are basically gui frontend for the smbclient command.Nautilus and Konqueror have the View Network options too and if they dont work the above 3 utilities may. Links :1. Setting Up Samba… Read More »

Install apache mod rewrite on ubuntu

By | January 27, 2009

Apache Mod Rewrite mod_rewrite is an apache module which enables rewriting of urls requested by client before the pages are fetched by apache. For example can be written as or . The second url is re-written into the first one by mod_rewrite using rewrite rules specified in the .htaccess file. To enable… Read More »