Display icons on kde desktop without using a folder view

By | October 10, 2012

The Kubuntu desktop has a widget called Folder View that can be used to put icons on the desktop. However the widget itself is translucent and hides part of the wallpaper where it is put. I did not like this and looked for ways to remove the opacity of the folder view. However this did not seem easy.

There was an easier solution, to remove the folder view and put icons directly on the desktop. This needed a small tweak. The desktop can be directly converted into a folder view.

1. First unlock desktop widgets.
2. Right click on the desktop and go to "Desktop Settings".
3. In the Layout option select "Folder View" and click Apply.
4. Now it will show contents from the Desktop folder on the desktop.

Last Updated On : 10th October 2012

3 thoughts on “Display icons on kde desktop without using a folder view

  1. paai

    The problem is that after every reboot, the icons on Folder view disappear. Then I have to enter settings, change to Default View, leave settings, enter settings, change again to folder view and THEN my icons are visible…

    I like Linux. I like Kubuntu. But such gripes drive me mad.

  2. Manuel

    If I choose apply (Step 3) – nothing happens (although my Desktop-Folder isn’t empty). ???
    Step 4 ist then impossible.

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