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By | November 7, 2012

The ip address of the NIB 2 broadband users starts with 117. For NIB 2 users the process to check broadband usage is different from NIB 1. Users have to register on the selfcare portal provided by bsnl. Urls are - West region - South region - North region - East region

So if you are for example in kolkata, check with the url for eastern region. Follow the link for user registration and register right away and then login.

Once logged in go to Service > Check My Broadband Unbilled Usage Details. On the next page enter the dates and submit, and the result would show daily broadband usage.

The Total volume in the summary section shows the total of download and uploads made in the particular date range and is in MB. Divide by 1000 to get the GB measure. Here it is 1.6 gb for example. The Session detail section shows the usage daywise.

The above screenshot is for sdc and edc portals. The ndc and wdc portals are different from sdc/edc portal.

This customer portal provides a lot of other features and facilities as well. Call usage, bill payments etc can be checked too. Just click the relevant option. Its very simple and easy to use.

Last Updated On : 7th November 2012

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