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How to Install Dropdown Terminal in Ubuntu / Debian / Linux Mint – Yakuake, Guake, Tilda

By | September 5, 2020

Dropdown terminal is a very useful utility that shows a command line terminal in a dropdown popup on the screen just by pressing a button like F12. These provide easy access to the command line and enhance productivity on Linux Desktop. There are multiple packages available for Ubuntu and similar distros, that provide a dropdown… Read More »

Best puzzle solving games for ubuntu

By | July 24, 2012

Here is a list of most popular puzzle games on Ubuntu Linux Marble Arena 2 Excellent graphics and colorful. This is a game where a marble is to be moved around and points to be collected. Project website Install on ubuntu 1. Download Linux version from 2. Install libwebkit1.1-cil from synaptic 3. Extract… Read More »

Best php ide and web development tools on ubuntu

By | May 10, 2020

There are a lot of IDEs for ubuntu for doing php related web development. Lets see a few. Aptana Studio Supports PHP, Ruby, Python and more. Autosuggest dropdowns available, Integrated preview available. Project website Install on ubuntu Download from Quanta Quanta is the Dreamweaver of Linux. However it is not developed anymore. As… Read More »