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Service Tax for Indian freelancers and software firms

By | November 9, 2011

Disclaimer : The information provided here may be outdated or incorrect. The tax rules are revised every year in annual budgets. Please consult your CA for latest regulations and norms. What is Service Tax In India service tax is applicable on certain businesses/firm if its annual revenue exceeds 10 Lakh Rupees. Current rate is 10.30%… Read More »

Setup internet connection sharing on ubuntu with Firestarter

By | October 23, 2011

Firestarter is an easy to install firewall application for Ubuntu which also has to the option to enable Internet Connection Sharing at the click of a mouse. Install firestarter $ sudo apt-get install firestarter Launch the application firestarter. The wizard will come up on the first run. Enable Internet Connection Sharing in the wizard, and… Read More »

Moneybookers as a Paypal alternative for freelancers

By | April 21, 2010

Recently Paypal has faced some issues with RBI which has resulted in withdrawals being reversed etc. Moneybookers is a service similar to Paypal. Moneybookers is available as a withdrawal option in Scriptlance , Getafreelancer , Odesk. Moneybookers charges 1.9% + 0.29 EU for receiving commercial payments compared to ~ 4% in paypal. In Moneybookers the… Read More »

Install apache mod rewrite on windows

By | September 30, 2009

In httpd.conf file the following line should be uncommented : LoadModule rewrite_module modules/ by removing the # sign before it. Then comes a section which looks like this : <Directory "C:/Apache2.2/htdocs"> # # Possible values for the Options directive are "None", "All", # or any combination of: # Indexes Includes FollowSymLinks SymLinksifOwnerMatch ExecCGI MultiViews #… Read More »